a wild mage drow elf


Wild Surges

created food and water in Harrowstone Prison
cast Stinking Cloud during fight with Vesoriana in Harrowstone Prison
created a custard cream pie from out of nowhere which slapped her in the face
created a wild magic area during Ohda’s slaying
…Nabila’s spell morphed her clothes into a black studded leather S&M bodysuit.
…conjured a log cabin
…conjured a black felt hat
blinded Nabila during Mage Tower quest
created antimagic field after winning the Mage Tower
rerolled one attribute (dex 15 —> 10)
cast Lightning Bolt during siege battle on locomotive
turned primary melee weapon into….a herring!
“The caster’s smile causes fear in children. The effect is permanent.”
turned into a dude, as per the Girdle of Masculinity and Femininity
wild surge has no effect, but next surge has two effects
…turned target’s temp to absolute zero
…healed caster for 1d8 if damaged and gives caster 1,000 XP
“The clothing and armor of all caster’s friends falls down.”
conjured a barrel of syrup that dumped all over Nabila during the middle of a battle
debated the use and application of wild magic with a talking spear for six minutes
nothing happened (yet) | update: cast lycanthropy on herself and turned into a weretiger
cast Lightning Bolt on her sister Mayraena
cast Detect Magic on herself; everything over a +3 blinds her for 1d4 rounds for one month
conjured a Magic Mouth that insulted her and vanished
conjured a log cabin (again)
turned her hair green
conjured a ginormous jail cell during the battle with Tonja and the Banditos
conjured a cloud of poisonous gas
cast Evard’s Black Tentacle on Big Betty
caused a time jump of six months into the future
turned her skin to steel for 1d6 rounds
caused the clothes of all party members to change into Starfleet uniforms; captain’s tunic +1 CHA
turned the shield closest to the caster into a flower basket
“Caster becomes extremely drunk.”
conjured a glittering disco ball to appear in the air, and the caster and target dance to “Stayin’ Alive”


As the second daughter of House Everhafin, Sindra’s family expected her to go into the priesthood and live a life of servitude to Dirthspar, the Spider God. Sindra refused to accept a role she did not want and instead decided to focus on her magical skills. After one of her spells backfired around faezress radiation, part of the city was leveled and many drow were killed including her youngest sister, Vlonisstra. Afraid of severe punishment and frightened for her life, Sindra fled the Underdark. She traveled the surface world until she met Professor Jago Elias while on an archaeological dig. Professor Elias saw a frightened young girl with magical potential and took her under his wing.

Sindra enrolled at the University in Amaranth under Professor Elias’ tutelage. Her wild magic abilities made her the subject of both awe and derision. Not wanting another catastrophic accident like what happened in the Underdark, she kept her magic use to a minimum and devoted her time to learning. She spent years studying ancient history and undead lore and learned to read and write Common language. Sindra lived among the humans and even grew to like them once she figured out they weren’t all slaves. She found humans intriguing with their petty squabbles and delicious ales and appreciated that their clans weren’t always trying to kill each other over political power. She enjoyed living anonymously and felt freedom she never would have experienced if she had stayed in the Underdark. Occasionally she encounters racism because of her Drow heritage, but she takes it all in stride. Sindra is determined to prove that not all Drow elves are totally evil.

When she heard of Professor Elias’ death, she traveled to Ravenhill and met up with a group of adventurers who also knew him. She decided to use her magical skills to aid her new friends as they set out to avenge the professor’s murder. They learned there was more to Professor Elias’ death than anyone could have imagined.

As Sindra’s power grows, she becomes more confident in her abilities and loves using magic to best her opponents. The wild magic will always be part of her, and she has embraced the randomness of her abilities. Unfortunately Sindra’s wild surges often happen when she is doing a menial task like identifying magical items. Rarely has she had a wild surge that has been beneficial to the party during a battle. The party knows to leave the room when Sindra begins identifying stuff.

Sindra has a familiar, a phase spider named Aragog. Edit: During the 11th session, Aragog died fighting the djinn in the mage tower. Sindra was heartbroken that her faithful friend was taken from her. She hopes he is well and happy in the ethereal plane where he came from.

Sindra likes shiny stuff and doing girly things with her fellow female adventurers like braiding hair and shopping. She enjoys killing but mainly for the loot.

Along with Nabila, Sindra snuffed it in Vogelbrucke during a performance of “The King in Yellow.” Before the battle with the Thing, Sindra admitted to Nabila that Nabila was her best friend and then lobbed a couple of fireballs at the monster, blaze of glory style. Seven years later, both Nabila and Sindra have been resurrected in order to fight some serious evil that took place during their absence. Volkstadt is no longer Volkstadt, surface elves have taken over through military force, and Sindra’s accidental wild magic area is now known as the Forbidden Zone.

Since her resurrection Sindra’s wild magic seems to be more frequent, which worries her because she doesn’t want to hurt her friends. A ranger named Jeb, a new companion, makes it a point to “protect the witch” during battles, and Sindra finds his dedication to her livelihood both amusing and sweet. She is looking forward to swapping spells with the bard Orlando, who happens to be Nabila’s brother-in-law. As always she enjoys Nabila’s company even though sometimes she doesn’t understand why Nabila has to be so cold and uptight all the time. Death has given Sindra a different take on life, and she is determined to enjoy her second chance.

Sindra and Jeb Trowbridge became lovers, though both of them are totally inept when it comes to sharing feelings and showing affection. She has no idea where her relationship with Jeb is going but fears it will end in death — either hers or his.

Also on the deep dark secret side, she wants to have a baby with Corben Elias as a way to always remember his father and her beloved mentor. Unfortunately, Sindra’s chance with Corben Elias was shot when the party had to flee the abandoned trollslayers’ camp after Nabila and Ser Bolton murdered a nobleman from Verena. She had no time to see Corben and, well, seduce him, so that idea’s out.

At Renchurch, under the influence of magic mushroom tea, Sindra admitted her love for Jeb Trowbridge, and he said it back. So then there was this fight with a demon named Balor that was going to destroy everyone. Sindra pulled out the wild mage Alzheimer’s magic scroll and cast Limited Wish on Balor. Balor went packing back to his home plane, and Sindra, aged nine years from the powerful magic, discovered she miscarried her baby with Jeb. She told Jeb the news, though still unsure how he felt about fathering a child with a drow elf (That’s gonna go over well, half drow elf, half human kid. Its destruction was probably a blessing.), but he sure did get mad at Ser Bolton for summoning that hell demon. Jeb forced Ser Bolton to atone for his mistake by performing a wedding ceremony for him and Sindra right there in the middle of the dungeon and demon detritus.

Now Sindra is a newlywed, and still she worries that either she or Jeb will die before they get to enjoy their life together.

When the party encountered the Mother and the Father during their search for the Hourglass Effigy, they discovered Nhilonia Everhafin and Father Isambard had teamed up. Sindra had not seen her mother for decades. Nhilonia immediately berated Sindra and revealed to the party that Sindra had been a slave in House Everhafin. Sindra had not told her friends because it embarrassed her. Nhilonia threw her in with the slaves because Sindra was afraid to use magic.

One day while Sindra was out with her sister Vlonnistra, Vlonnistra cast spells at Sindra, using her as a target, and having had enough, Sindra cast a spell back, which wild surged, thus causing the infamous accident that killed Vlonnistra, leveled a chunk of Khazid-Hirn, and sent Sindra to the surface.

During their first battle with Nhilonia and Father D-bag, Karishma ended up killing them both by sniping them with arrows. When the party used the Hourglass to catch up with the Mother and Father before they could destroy Nabila’s life in Essen, Sindra cast Time Stop and slit her mother’s throat from ear to ear to be rid of her forever.

In the Gallowspire, the party survived the battle with the dracolich, and Nabila went back in time to rewrite some wrongs and throw Adivion Adrissant into a tailspin. At the top of the Gallowspire, they met Adrissant, who was weakened and unable to merge himself with Tar-Baphon. After Karishma tortured him to death with her corrosive aura, Palantine came to visit, impressed with our actions and the fact we did his dirty work for him so now he could go back home by using the Hourglass. He taunted us and tried to kill us, but the elder god was unsuccessful.

Now that we were on some strange planet called Earth, Sindra and Jeb left the Egyptian desert. Jeb wanted a quiet life and became a farmer, but Sindra couldn’t stand the quiet. Because of her time spent with humans and her pragmatic nature, she traveled around wearing a hooded cloak like a wise old woman and taught the people about democracy. One day while she and Jeb traveled around, they rode into Pompeii, and the rest is history.


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