Half-Ogress and Pilferer of Black Vials


“Hags” is a newborn, though she doesn’t look it. At least, she’s pretty sure that’s how this works. It’s all a little fuzzy; but prior to waking up in a dark catacomb surrounded by a wicked bunch of people and Ser Bolton – all sortof strangers and sortof not – she has a vague recollection of awful things, scenes straight out of nightmares… But this nightmare apparently has not ended; in fact it may have only just begun, and she has a powerfully aching suspicion that she wouldn’t even be here if she hadn’t done something monumentally stupid.

In the hours following her first unintelligible panicked utterance, Haglagl has discovered a talent for spellcasting, and is beginning to exhibit a strong fascination with unusual substances, aromas and critters, among other things. Additionally, she’s a bit of a packrat. She has no idea where this comes from.


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