Return of the Tyrant

Session 49: Stayin' Alive

It's over. Or is it?

We find our adventurers in the ruined city of the Gallowspire. We’re sat around a campfire enjoying our last night together. We’ve just recruited extra helpers.

Zestia, a priestess of Golgoroth, whom we met in the sewers of Schwarzwald with Vythica and Brother Jalthor.

Bragnar the rat catcher, also from the sewers of Schwarzwald. Bragnar brought two ballista with him.

the four paladins of Haggar waiting outside Renchurch:
Ser Garvis Karst
Ser Miras
Ser Andreve of Casindral
Ser Anca Viorica

Grover Cincinnati, a mage who says he knows Nabila. Nabila says she does not know him.

Our priests reanimated around 50 corpses from the catacombs of Renchurch as skeletons to draw the dragon’s fire. Also we stopped at Hag’s Breath to reanimate the wyvern we fought there.

While we are buffing up, Sindra has a wild surge. A glittery disco ball appears in the air and she and the caster dance for two rounds to “Stayin’ Alive.” We assume it’s a good omen.

Our first battle is with Tar-Baphon’s pet, a dracolich, formerly a red dragon known as Xzazherrazdun.

Xzazherrazdun bites it, courtesy of the undead skeletal wyvern. Everyone survives with the exception of one of the paladins who gets squished on the first round as the dragon landed. It’s a miracle.


As we make our way to the center of town where the Gallowspire stands, a portal opens and out steps a dark clad hooded female. It’s the Oracle. She throws her hood back to reveal — Nabila in her human, not-dead form. She says undead Nabila should use the Hourglass right now and put a dagger through Tar-Baphon’s heart without a battle. She reminds Nabila herself whatever that she’s the only one ruthless enough to do what needs to be done.

Unfortunately what needs to be done is about Deja and preventing the Portal to Carcosa from ever opening up in Vogelbrucke.

So Nabila uses the Hourglass. She disappears for a few moments and then reappears looking exhausted.

What happened:

She helped Grover Cincinnati pull off a diamond heist in Amaranth. She cures disease on Spud, who said that a plaguegiver cured him. She causes a black felt hat to distract Sindra from casting a wild surge that ruins the mage tower. She rescues Oleander and sends him to the mage tower, which she has set up as the Obelisk. She sets him up as the leader of the Shadow Conjunction. Tres becomes a loyal servant. She prevents her past self from going into the plaguesphere and dying in order to get the Unholy Shroud of the First Prophetess. She fixes the Grunburg fungal problem, which adds militia to the Shadow Conjunction’s army.

And most importantly: She sticks a knife in her sister’s back, preventing her from performing in “The King in Yellow.” The portal does not open, and Tar-Baphon stays asleep.

So Oracle Nabila talks to Plaguelich Nabila about the prophecy that “She is coming.” It refers to the arrival of the pureblood plaguegiver. Nabila’s daughter. Oracle Nabila tracked down Oleander and raped him (“raped the holy hell out of him in a dark alley. And then I did it again. Did he like it? Who cares?”)

The daughter: Karishma, the Paradox Child. Oleander is her father. He could barely keep it together when he met Karishma at the trollslayers’ camp.

And also, one more thing. One very bad thing. There’s this creature called a Chronovore that’s making its way there at that moment. It’s one of Dagonor’s creatures. The dread lord of space and time is upset with how we’ve been manipulating time without his blessing. They can’t fight off the Chronovore. So one of the Nabilas has to die because both of them can’t live. Plaguelich Nabila sacrifices herself. The monster attacks her, squeezes her into dust particles, and then disappears.

But we still have the Gallowspire to check out.

And it’s empty. At the very top of the tower, soaked through by the crazy rain storm, is Adivion Adrissant looking pretty darn worse for wear. He drops to his knees and can’t pull himself upright. He says he was waiting for us. We outwitted him, using time as a weapon against him, and he never saw it coming.

Karishma uses her psycho powers and stands next to Adrissant, torturing him to death with her corrosive aura. His body is incinerated.

We hear slow clapping. Palantine shows up. He says we may have stopped Adrissant, but Volkstadt is still going to be carved up by invaders. But we have a problem now — him. He didn’t raise Sindra and Nabila up for nothing. We did his dirty work. He manipulated events — and suddenly he has the Hourglass. He’s going to jump across universes!

And then he taunts.

How did Sindra like playing second fiddle to Nabila? Did Jeb ever get that gift he asked for? A child with Sindra.

How does Karishma like her whore mother?

Who blinded Aegecia?

Aaaaaaand then Nabila tries to cast Godrot on him because NO ONE talks about Aegecia like that and gets away with it. Nyarlathotep is too fast for her, and he rips off the mythril protective shield that holds Tar-Baphon’s essence intact. He throws the Hourglass into the hole and a larger than life explosion occurs.

We end up in a desert on top of a pyramid. It’s hot. A pure ebony-skinned ten foot tall man stands before us. We are a long way from home, but he says he is home. He is the Black Pharaoh and we are to be his first victims in his reign of terror on the planet…Earth, he calls it.

So we fight. We don’t stand much of a chance.

Except Bragnar the dopey rat catcher from Schwarzwald, who had the vorpal sword, CRITS and CHOPS NYARLATHOTEP’S MOTHERFUCKING HEAD OFF. So we win.

Then we hear the crackling of magic, and another teleport opens up. Hands reach out and grab Karishma and pull her inside.

A shimmering image appears and we see Oleander, with Karishma standing behind him. He asks if Nabila is unharmed. He mentions to Nabila that the clergy of Delora are in mourning in preparation for this day — Delora burned up a distant sun to allow him to speak to us and to Gate someone back home. He had to take Karishma because she is the future and the beginning of a new era. Nabila and Oleander get all feely and talk about how they love each other and shit. He promises he will find a way to rescue us. He also asks Sindra to take care of Nabila and look out for her. Karishma says her goodbyes to everyone, and Nabila promises that nothing will keep her from her family.

Walking up the steps of the pyramid is the Weeping Woman. She tells us our magic and powers won’t function the same way as they did on Hyspero. She says we will also live longer, a side effect of traveling sideways through time. She is a normal human being now. She hands Nabila a letter and tells her to keep it close. Father O’Malley needs to break the news to her family — she says she traveled a long, long way from home. Her story is finished. She walks off into the desert.

Here, from the GM’s notes, is what happened to the main characters.

Ser Bolton – Ser Bolton was the first to put some distance between himself and the rest of the Company of the Tattered Cloak. Though he had quested with vile rogues in the name of safeguarding his home world, he still had much to reconcile within himself and contemplate on. He sailed northwest, putting in to port in a land not too dissimilar to Guadalante in terms of climate. There his riches bought him his own parcel of land, and he became a lord and some time later a counsel to the kings of this fledgling nation. An age passed before the call to arms would reach out to the paladin again. He would spearhead a movement instigated by the local churches to strike a blow against heathens and practitioners of witchcraft – a movement which the history books would later identify as… the Spanish Inquisition.

Haglagl – Haglagl wandered the lands aimlessly. Occasionally she would attempt to settle in one place, but her unsightly half-ogrish appearance was considered too frightful and abnormal by the people of this world to be tolerated for very long, not to mention her skills as a witch caused fear and confusion to anyone who witnessed it in action. Wherever Haglagl went, the locals created a name for her: changeling, boggart, hobgoblin, spriggan, cait sith, banshee, medusa… ogre. She would later cause quite a stir in the year 565 when an attempt to summon a familiar resulted in an incident in the land of the Picts… near the River Ness…

Nabila – Nabila stayed near the pyramids for a time. Her name would become a popular one for Egyptian parents to give to their daughters. She never stopped searching for a means to travel back to Hyspero. She was close to a breakthrough at one point until an overzealous pharaoh had his men torch Nabila’s library, including all of her labor intensive researches into dimensional portals. When Nabila discovered who had done this, and that he was a cultist dedicated to raising Nyarlathotep, she became enraged beyond words. Nabila unleashed a plague of blood upon Egypt. Then a plague of frogs. A plague of gnats. A plague of flies. Pestilence… boils… hail… locusts… darkness… and finally the death of all firstborn children. She was misquoted in the texts said to document the event. Her original words went something like: “On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn — and I will bring judgment on all the shitheads in Egypt. I am the PLAGUE BITCH!” She would remain in the shadows on Earth for many centuries after that, though she was last spotted loading several crates of plague rats onto sailing ships….

Sindra – Though she tried to stick it out, the blistering sun of the Egyptian desert was no good for Sindra‘s dark elven skin. She traveled north with Jeb, who sought a quieter life in a blossoming land. Though it was not without its enjoyment, Sindra was not content to bide her time as a simple farmer. Her time among humans had bestowed her with acceptance and compassion and an insight into the human condition. Thus, in the guise of a veiled traveling wise woman going from village to village, her ideas were passed along and eventually pieced together by the scholars of this land into a concept they would call: democracy. It should be noted that for the sake of the magic-fearing people of this world, Sindra attempted to keep her spell casting, and thus her potential wild surges, to a minimum. Though there were times… like the day she and Jeb rode into a small Italian village known as Pompeii…

Karishma – Karishma embraced her dark heritage and became Aegecia’s unholy avenger – the first pure plaguegiver in centuries. Her vile powers would come to fruition in no time. It was theorized that but a single maligned breath escaping from her lips could topple entire kingdoms. With her father, Oleander Schoenfeld, the head of the Aegecian clergy, by her side, Karishma would be unstoppable. The pair left the remnants of the Shadow Conjunction and the survivors in Amaranth to fend for themselves – for the dark elves were carving up lands to the north and the Grand Duchy of Verena was on the verge of invading what was once Volkstadt. Karishma and Oleander had other plans. Plans to plunge the surface lands into an era of darkness so work could begin on a new world. A world without sin. Unbeknownst to Karishma were the ever increasing flock of chronomancers quite literally worshiping the ground she walked on. She was still the Paradox Child, the daughter of a time traveler. Everything she touched radiated with faint glimmers of chronon energy. Whether the newly formed Cult of Karishma pleased or angered Dagonor, the dread lord of space and time, is a story for another day…

So the whole time this young bard was telling our story. As he leaves the tavern, he bumps into a man that hands him a platinum piece. The young bard is shocked at the tip. He wonders why the man would pay so much to get him to tell these stories. He also questions how the man intends to get the Company of the Tattered Cloak back home. The man, Orlando Trimeste, says, “It’s simple, lad. In this family, we cheat.”



6 violet crystal garnets (200 gp each)
6 transparent rock crystals (50 gp each)
4 turquoise stones (10 gp each)
2 fire opals (1,000 gp each)
1 black sapphire (5,000 gp)
1 diamond (5,000 gp)
A palm-sized steel disk that opens up to reveal a silvered glass mirror of exceptional quality. (140 gp)
A box of dwarvish chocolate. A golden box containing squares of exquisitely good, very fine chocolate, individually wrapped in gold foil. (50 gp)
A fancy silk opera cape. (70 gp)
A bracelet formed of cold elemental lightning. (30,000 gp)
A platinum codpiece with fertility sigils carved into it. (80 gp)
A painting entitled Last kiss of the night -The painting depicts a handsome vampire about to passionately bite the throat of a bare breasted young maiden on a balcony as the first rays of sunlight hit the building beside them. Kind of gaudy. The artist likely has never seen or encountered a real vampire. (110 gp)

protection from magic
protection from cold
1 mage scroll w/ 1st level: Hornung’s Guess; 3rd level: Lance of Disruption, Secret Page; 4th level: Mordenkainen’s Force Missiles, Ultravision; 6th level: Trollish Fortitude
1 mage scroll w/ 1st level: Alarm, Message
1 mage scroll w/ 5th level: Bigby’s Interposing Hand; 6th level: Otiluke‘s Freezing Sphere; 7th level: Descent into Madness, Neutralize Gas
1 mage scroll w/ 1st level: Change Self

1 priest scroll w/ 1st level: Bless
1 priest scroll w/ 7th level: Divine Inspiration
1 priest scroll w/ 2nd level: Draw Upon Holy Might, Hold Person; 3rd level: Miscast Magic; 5th level: Cure Critical Wounds, Raise Dead

Fire resistance
Super Heroism
Extra Healing
Elixir of health

Full plate armor + 4
12 arrows + 2
ring of protection + 3
rod of terror, 79 charges
tome of understanding
spade of colossal excavation

6000 cp
4000 sp
14000 gp
4000 pp



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