Return of the Tyrant

Session 48: "What were you thinking?"

Mmmm, those robes, gurl, what were you thinkin'?

We find our adventurers in the creepy room with the creepy Tar-Baphon statues looming creepily over us. Father Isambard and Nhilonia Everhafin have escaped through a secret door underneath the altar. A priest hole. We have nothing left to do but chase after them before they can use the Hourglass Effigy to do somethin’ bad. As we make our way through the priest’s hole (No, Vincente, not yours.) we arrive in a natural cavern. It’s very cold down there, and our breath comes out as steam. There is a marker on the wall written in an ancient language. Ser Bolton translates for us. We’re on the right path to the Gallowspire and “Have a nice death.”

We emerge into the mountains just in time to see Father D-bag and Mother C-bag entering a portal made with the Hourglass Effigy. So we follow them into the portal. We go back in the past 120 years. Sindra recognizes the place as the Underdark, just a few miles outside of the capital city Khazid-Hirn.

Naturally, both Nhilonia and Father Isambard talk smack, and we end up fighting. Here are highlights from the fight:

So Fr. D-bag can walk now. Vincente uses the staff of wither on Fr. D-bag and WITHERS HIS RIGHT LEG! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (From Wheels to Crutch. hahahahaha man, I crack myself up.)

But, Nhilonia is not cool with seeing her partner in crime and whatever else they do together go down in such a way, so she casts Slay Living on Vincente. He snuffs it.

Young Karishma, saddened by the loss of her Uncle Vinny, crit-snipes both Nhilonia and Father Isambard (in the back of the head) with her retard strength arrows.

But they have pretty cool loot, so yeah.

Since our healers are gone, we spend quite a lot of time resting up, being healed by Medic Bolton, and learning spells with the Lens of Speed Reading. We have a time machine so we’re not too worried about waiting too late.

While we’re resting up, a few drow children walk up to the party. One little girl asks Sindra why her hair is green. Eventually the party tells Sindra to smile at the children to send them away so we can be on our way to Essen to rescue Nabila. Sindra smiles, causing the children to run away in fright. The petulant little girl runs hard into a wall and hits her head, thus a wild mage is born. (Really, that’s all I get? A knock on the head?)

So then we travel to the future-past to Nabila’s birthplace village of Essen. We spot Father Isambard in his wheelchair with Nhilonia. They look very surprised to see us, which means that if they see us it means their other selves were defeated and….BLADE BARRIER.

Nabila is returned to us, and she fights alongside her sister Deja.

Karishma has her death cherry popped and snuffs it in battle when Nhilonia casts Slay Living on her.

Nhilonia also tries to cast Slay Living on her own son, Dipton, and this incenses Sindra greatly. So Sindra decides to overkill her mother by casting Time Stop. Then in the little time bubble, Sindra slices her mother’s throat from ear to ear. Done and done.

Nabila and Deja have an almost tender moment when Nabila (in her drow body) tells Deja that she loves her as Deja is fading away.

A group of missionaries arrive. Missionaries of Jhannis. The town is so quiet that the caravan decides to skip it so they don’t unnecessarily get the plague. But a lone guard says he hears noises, so he breaks away from the caravan and finds a hovel where two young girls are, half starved, half dead. He carries both the girls on his shoulders back to the caravan, and immediately he falls over. He has the plague. Quickly some healers work to cure him, scolding him for running into the house without the proper protection. He says he can’t feel his legs. They tell him, that he, Mr. Isambard, will recover and be back on his feet in no time. And that is how Father Isambard got the plague.

After a few attempts, both Vincente and Karishma are returned to us. Then we use the hourglass to recruit some extra help so we can fight Adivion Adrissant at the Gallowspire, where we are off to next.

We arrive in a crumbling city of ruin. The streets are paved with skull cobblestones. There are impaling gardens instead of flower gardens. Large noxious pits filled with brimstone mark the ground like pox. And in the middle of the town is a tower, the Gallowspire itself. The top half of the Gallowspire looks like it’s made from a gigantic skeleton. But the skeleton is moving. It has wings.

It’s a dragon.


hourglass effigy
amulet of magic resistance 25%
cloak of disease warding
quarterstaff +3
ring of protection +3
drow piwafwi cloak
sling of seeking +2
robe of arachnida
rod of rulership, 41 charges



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