Return of the Tyrant

Session 32: The Jailbreak

Nothing ever goes as planned.

We find our adventurers on the edge of a jailbreak. Sindra and Nabila go in to find a Mister Rodrigo y Portillo. He knows where the map piece is and we need it to find Salamanca’s cache. And the Cup of Santiago. After getting themselves all stealthed up, Sindra casts dimension door, and she and Nabila teleport into the administration building just inside the prison. The admin office is full of office furniture, documents, shackles, and branding irons. It’s sweltering inside. A human guard and a dwarf with a knotted beard are sitting around talking. The dwarf is talking, about the old days, about how long it’s been since they’ve had new prisoners to use the branding irons on. The young guard looks nervous.

We go in for the charm, Sindra using the Switch of the Unseelie on the dwarf, who is called Antonio. Nabila casts hold person on the guard so he can’t run away and sound an alarm. We ask Antonio about Rodrigo, but he’s been dead for three years. That complicates things a little. Rodrigo’s cell is haunted by a keening spirit. We send Antonio off to find us some guard uniforms, and when the guard Hector is unheld and charmed, we ask him to find us some of Rodrigo’s belongings. Hector returns with a dossier saying Rodrigo was sentenced to life for robbery and murder. He attempted to escape and was hung. Antonio returns with guard uniforms, and we get changed. Antonio and Hector accompany us to Rodrigo’s cell block, we charm another guard who was on patrol, and find Rodrigo’s cell.

Nabila casts detect spirit and says there’s something hanging around. Sindra steps in and tries to check the cell for cubby holes or loose bricks. The moment she steps in, the spirit manifests itself and attacks. The spirit of Rodrigo y Portillo kills Antonio and Hector and makes enough noise that other people are becoming aware that something is amiss in the cellblock. Sindra pulls Nabila out through a D-door just as a crossbow bolt hits her in the shoulder. The prison is now on alert.

Unsure what to do next other than a full-on invasion of the prison remniscent of the long ass bandit battle, we go back to Tonada to prepare. On our way we stop in Valencia and the town is empty. Vultures and other carrion birds gorge on dead bandit flesh. Jeb notices tracks headed towards Tonada but then double backed to go to Puerto Mia…because there’s a giant jail cell in the way. In Tonada, we make poisons and barrels of explody powder and take the rest of the crew of the Lady Lynn Rob with us. Also Nabila walks in on Androgynous Andy and Vincente…doing measurements for Vincente’s inside leg because obviously the priest needs some decent fitting clothes. Sindra and Jeb shag, though he says he is not a piece of meat. Big Betty wants Granick to grow a barbarian beard so she can braid it for him. Granick also tattoos nearly all of Nabila’s body, drunk from cheap ale, and then has to go back over it with even more tattoos to clean up the squiggly lines and dots.

We return to the prison and get ready to fight. K and Mad McGrath take lotus powder beforehand. K thinks he’s invisible, and Mad McGrath can permanently breathe underwater, a very useful skill to have in the desert. Unfortunately for Mad McGrath, he gets blown up before he gets to use his new skill. A couple of other schmucks die and are reanimated as skeletons that help us take down the prison guards. In the end, we are victorious but the Warden’s body disappears. We loot stuff, return to Rodrigo’s cell and pelt the ghost with +1 arrows and bolts until it’s dead.


ring of spell storing (two charges of hold person)
ring of the ram (five charges)



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