The Campaign is OVAH!

…But the Adventure Never Ends


‘Return of the Tyrant’ is an AD&D 2nd edition game played via Skype and the Roll20 virtual tabletop on Friday evenings.

The setting is Hyspero, a homebrew world that rests in a comfortable middle ground between high and dark fantasy. ‘Return of the Tyrant’ focuses on a war-torn region in northern Hyspero known as Tûrin (formerly Volkstadt). The characters are a crew of misfits and miscreants (sometimes known as the Company of the Tattered Cloak) out for revenge, mayhem, and evil-doing. And stuff. Because they like stuff.

Interested in joining? More information can be found in the wiki. Be sure to check out the house rules and the history of the region sections.

Return of the Tyrant

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