Nefarious Plots and Plans

Short Term Goals

Things we would like to accomplish in the next 1-2 months of in game time:

  • Arrive alive in Enkelhofen
  • Wake up Aegecia (start attempts by investigating the abandoned shrine in Hag’s Breath)

Mid-Term Goals

Things we would like to accomplish in the next 3-4 months of in game time:

  • Bust Granick’s death cherry
  • Follow up on the Elven resistance in Amaranth
  • Genocide of any species
  • Get a Hideout (start production on a shrine and a mage lab)
  • Investigate the disappearing clergy of Delora
  • Research Mara re: effects of Vogelbrucke
  • Start a Children’s Crusade
  • Visit Abandoned Trollslayer City and old Trollslayer Mine
  • Visit Amaranth
  • Visit Essen
  • Visit the Mage Tower
  • Visit Schwarzwald to “clean up” the corruption in the church (this gets bumped up to a more pressing need if going through the Shrine doesn’t give us a concrete plan of action to wake up Aegecia)

Long Term Goals

Things we would like to accomplish eventually:

  • Open a bar
  • Destroy Isambard
  • Murderize Adivion Adrissant
  • Raise an army
  • Set the Moonwood on fire
  • Take over a city
  • Unite the human city states into a loose confederation to overthrow the Elves and keep them out.
  • Unite the drow (and other Underdark denizens) to fight against the Elves and the Big Evil.

Long Shots

  • Kill Haggar
  • Kill Flayne
  • Kill Valdis

(My ambition knows no bounds)

Nefarious Plots and Plans

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