(‘The Leper King’; ‘The Unseeing One’)

Symbol: a tattered, hole-ridden cloak of gray-brown color

Info: Aegecia is a blind, disfigured being who is known as the god of plagues, poison, disease, and suffering. It is said that Aegecia may have been a benevolent warrior god in ages past, and only became blind and diseased in an epic battle to the death with a ‘Great Old One’, an inter-dimensional being from beyond the Veil (otherwise known as the Dark Tapestry). His never-ending torment has twisted Aegecia into a cruel, chaotic entity, and he is constantly feuding with the other benevolent deities.

Specialist priests: Plaguegivers – feared outlaws, the Plaguegivers of Aegecia spread their lord’s message through the release of infectious disease. Plaguegivers believe that Aegecia only seeks to provide balance by striking down certain portions of the population, ensuring that only the strong will survive. Most city, town, or village authories have banned these priests from entering their lands.

Stats for specialist priests:

REQUIREMENTS: Constitution 15, Wisdom 12
PRIME REQUISITES: Constitution, Wisdom
WEAPONS: quarterstaff and missile weapon groups
MAJOR SPHERES: Astral, chaos, combat, divination, guardian, healing, necromantic, summoning
MINOR SPHERES: All, charm, protection
Plaguegivers may be of any race or gender. They are free to multi or dual class if so desired.

1st level abilities – Plaguegivers gain a +4 bonus to all saving throws vs. poison; immune to nonmagical diseases and receive Constitution ability checks against acquiring magical diseases. These checks are made at a +4 bonus. When the chance of acquiring a magical disease is expressed as a percentage, that chance is halved (round down); allowed a normal saving throw against potions that would normally not allow a saving throw; a +4 bonus to herbalism proficiency checks when brewing poisons.
3rd level abilities – can identify pure poisons by smell
5th level abilities – can identify poisons in drinks by taking a tiny sip. This sip has no effect on them.
7th level abilities – can identify poisons in food by taking a tiny bite. Again, this bite is too small to affect the priest; able to use ‘Spread Contagion’ (as the 4th-level wizard spell) 1/day by touch.
10th level abilities – can cast ‘Cause Disease’ (as the reverse form of the 3rd-level priest spell ‘Cure Disease’) once per day by touch. The debilitating form of this disease is called the Green Rot and is typified by a luminous, greenish decay on exposed skin. The fatal form of this disease is the Scaly Death, in which the bones weaken and the flesh peels back until the major systems of the body fail.
13th level abilities – can exhale a ‘Cloud of Pestilence’ (as the wizard spell ‘Cloudkill’) 1/day.


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