Witching Gown


Spun from combed cotton, this simple, unassuming gown bears a strong aura of witchcraft. These magical garments are highly sought after by witches, for though anyone may wear a witching gown, only a witch may realize its full potential.

A witching gown grants its wearer a +2 bonus on all saving throws and a +2 bonus on all persuasion, intimidation, or etiquette proficiency checks. When worn by a witch (female arcane spell caster), these bonuses double.

In addition, a witch may change the appearance and style of the gown to match her whims and adopt virtually any disguise, gaining a +10 bonus on disguise proficiency checks that incorporate the gown’s appearance, though higher level spells such as True Seeing may immediately pierce this effect.

Lastly, a witch may cast a single touch range spell of 4th level or lower into the gown. Thereafter, the gown holds the magic for up to 24 hours, functioning as a defensive spell against the next foe to strike the witch with a successful melee attack or combat maneuver.


Looted in Session 41 off of Dublesse Sister #2.

Witching Gown

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