Unholy Shroud of the First Prophetess


A cloak made from the skins of ten virgin nymphs and dyed a jet black color. The bottom of the cloak has been intentionally frayed to give it the ‘tattered’ appearance of a Plaguegiver, but otherwise the rest of the cloak and hood are devoid of holes or blemishes. The inside of the cloak and hood is silky smooth, and the wearer will be comfortable wearing it in either extreme cold or heat. In clear moonlight, the Shroud takes on a peculiar dark green hue.

Minor Powers:

  • Detect Magic at will
  • Blindness once per day
  • freedom from hunger and fatigue
  • complete immunity to poison (mundane or magical)
  • WIS +1
  • regenerate 2 hit points per turn

Major Powers:

  • Power Word, Plague once per day*
  • Godrot once per month**

Dangers: Holy water burns the wearer as if they were undead, 50% chance of a random ability score being reduced by 1 every month the item is worn.

Corrupting Effect: Only discovered through use.

Weakness: The Shroud’s powers can be nulled through various purifying rituals of good and noble deities. Note that this does not destroy the Shroud outright. If recovered and brought back to an unholy temple of Aegecia, the Shroud would regain its powers over time. The Shroud can only be completely sundered if attacked by a unicorn of 1,000 years of age or older. Its horn is capable of tearing the Shroud to shreds, rendering its evil powers completely useless forevermore.

*Power Word, Plague is similar in effect to the 4th level wizard spell Contagion (those striken receive -2 to STR, DEX, and CHA and -2 to attack rolls until a Cure Disease or 1d3 weeks of recuperation , only it may be cast by the wearer of the Unholy Shroud in a 60 ft cube and have an effect on multiple targets within the area of effect, who are granted a saving throw with a -1 penalty due to the overpowering evil nature of the Shroud. The spell has no effect on those already immune to disease (undead, slimes, etc).

**Godrot is a disease crafted by Aegecia and perfected by the Plaguegivers. It has the ability to destroy a man, an earthly avatar of any deity, and possibly even a god or goddess outright should they be encountered in his or her home plane. Short of using Wish magic or any major artefact to negate the Godrot’s effects, the victim is granted no saving throw and is reduced to a pile of primordial goo in a matter of minutes after their flesh melts away in true horror show fashion. The victim also has no chance of being resurrected or raised unless divine intervention or major Wish magic is in play. Unlike most mundane or magical diseases, the Godrot is effective on undead creatures and many others innately immune to disease (slimes, constructs, etc). However, its effects on certain types of planar creatures (pit fiends, tanar’ri, etc) is unknown. There are drawbacks to using the Godrot ability— first, it can only be used once per month by the wearer of the Shroud. Second, inflicting Godrot on someone (or some thing) ages the wearer of the Shroud by 3d10 years every time it is cast.


Nabila died trying to acquire this artifact from the Aegecian Shrine at Hag’s Breath. Sindra, unknowingly afflicted with lycanthropy, managed to retrieve the cloak from the plaguesphere without dying. When Nabila was resurrected, she made grabby hands for the cloak.

Unholy Shroud of the First Prophetess

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