Spirit Board with Brass Planchette


This item is a typical spirit board (ouija board) with a brass, triangle-shaped planchette. In order to use this item, the user must spend eight hours conducting a séance. At the end of the séance, the user must call upon the name of a dead person and is permitted to ask them one yes or no question. Success is determined by a saving throw verses spells.


This item was found in a tomb at Ravenhill, presumably a cache set up by Professor Jago Elias. Izzy, Blondie, Ohda and Nabila have all attempted to use it, with varying degrees of sucess. Of those still alive at this writing, niether Izzy nor Nabila will use it again.

This item is no longer in the party’s posession. It was donated to a temple of Tavastri in Sri Raji.

Spirit Board with Brass Planchette

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