8. Spellbooks and Scrolls


Here is a list of spellbooks and scrolls the party has picked up along the way. (Also see the forum topic “Available Spells” for a complete, and prettier, list.) The spellbooks are community property for any magic user who can learn and cast spells.


Voltain’s spellbook
1st level: Detect Magic, Gaze Reflection, Identify, Magic Missile, Nystul’s Magic Aura, Protection from Evil, Protection from Vermin, Read Magic
2nd level: Bind, Detect Invisibility, Glitterdust, Levitate, Locate Object, Protection from Paralysis
3rd level: Dispel Magic, Fireball, Gust of Wind, Infravision, Protection from Normal Missiles
4th level: Dimension Door, Fire Shield, Vitriolic Sphere,
5th level: Wall of Force
6th level: Antimagic Shell

Orlando’s spellbook
1st level: Audible Glamer, Dancing Lights, Find Familiar, Hold Portal, Read Magic, Shield, Unseen Servant, Ventriloquism
2nd level: Alter Self, Cat’s Grace, Glitterdust, Hypnotic Pattern, Knock, Pyrotechnics, Strength
3rd level:Fireball, Slow

Tonja’s spellbook
1st level: Affect Normal Fires, Detect Magic, Friends, Jump, Read Magic, Spider Climb
2nd level: Improved Phantasmal Force, Misdirection, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Web
3rd level: Lightning Bolt, Tongues
4th level: Polymorph Self, Stoneskin

Lolita Ortega’s travelling spellbook
1st level: Magic Missile,
2nd level: Invisibility, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Web
3rd level: Flame Arrow
4th level: Monster Summoning 2, Stoneskin

Drider spellbook
1st level: Chill Touch, Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Detect Undead, Erase, Magic Missile, Protection From Good, Read Magic, Shield, Sleep, Spider Climb
2nd level: Darkness, 15’ Radius, Detect Good, Detect Invisibility, Knock, Know Alignment, Melf’s Acid Arrow, Web
3rd level: Dispel Magic, Feign Death, Fly, Hold Undead, Lightning Bolt
4th level: Charm Monster, Phantasmal Killer, Wall of Ice
5th level: Teleport

Dublesse sisters’ grimoire
1st level: Alarm, Burning Hands, Charm Person, Chill Touch, Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, Detect Undead, Fist of Stone, Hold Portal, Identify, Light, Read Magic, Spook
2nd level: Blindness, Detect Invisibility, ESP, Hornung’s Baneful Deflector, Knock, Leomund’s Trap, Shatter, Strength
3rd level: Alternate Reality, Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, Fly, Hold Person, Hold Undead, Melf’s Minute Meteors
4th level: Confusion, Minor Globe of Invulnerability, Remove Curse, Solid Fog
5th level: Contact Other Plane, Summon Shadow, Von Gasik’s Refusal
6th level: Enchant an Item, Veil
7th level: Reverse Gravity

Bloodmagic Libram
8th level: Clone, Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting


Alzheimer’s Fat Scroll of Good Stuff
4th level: Stoneskin
5th level: Hold Monster, Teleport
6th level: Part Water
7th level: Limited Wish
8th level: Power Word, Blind
9th level: Time Stop

Necromancer’s scroll
1st level: Detect Secret Passages and Portals
2nd level: Wizard Lock
3rd level: Clairaudience
4th level: Thunder Staff
5th level: Sending


2nd level: Wizard Lock
3rd level: Minor Malison
4th level: Enchanted Weapon, Monster Summoning II

1 mage scroll w/ 1st level: Hornung’s Guess; 3rd level: Lance of Disruption, Secret Page; 4th level: Mordenkainen’s Force Missiles, Ultravision; 6th level: Trollish Fortitude
1 mage scroll w/ 1st level: Alarm, Message
1 mage scroll w/ 5th level: Bigby’s Interposing Hand; 6th level: Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere; 7th level: Descent into Madness, Neutralize Gas
1 mage scroll w/ 1st level: Change Self

1 priest scroll w/ 1st level: Bless
1 priest scroll w/ 7th level: Divine Inspiration
1 priest scroll w/ 2nd level: Draw Upon Holy Might, Hold Person; 3rd level: Miscast Magic; 5th level: Cure Critical Wounds, Raise Dead


Sindra is feeling generous and not quite so horde-y with her spellbooks. Also she will share her spellbook with any magic users; however, she will hover around them while they’re studying, making off-hand remarks and flashing the crazy eyes. Don’t get your greasy fingers all over the pages. Decorum, people!



8. Spellbooks and Scrolls

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