Rod of Rulership


The individual who possesses this magic rod is able to command the obedience and fealty of creatures within 120 feet when he or she activates the device. From 200 to 500 Hit Dice (or levels of experience) can be ruled, but creatures with 15 or greater Intelligence and 12 or more Hit Dice/levels are entitled to a saving throw vs. spell. Ruled creatures will obey the wielder of the rod of rulership as if he or she were their absolute sovereign. Still if the wielder gives a command that is absolutely contrary to the nature of the creatures commanded, the magic will be broken. The rod has a casting time of 5. Each charge lasts for one turn. The rod cannot be recharged.

The rod currently has 41 charges.


The party looted this off Nhilonia Everhafin. Hey, this is pretty cool and all, but we still have a fuckin’ dragon to kill.

Rod of Rulership

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