Robe of Stars


The robe is embroidered with stars, and the wearer can use up to six of these as missile weapons, provided he is proficient with darts as a weapon. Each star has +5 value, both to hit and damage. Maximum range is 60 feet. Base damage is 2d4. The special star weapons are located on the chest portion of the robe. If the wearer does not use all of these missiles, they will replace themselves magically at the rate of one per day. If all six are used, all of the robe’s traveling and missile powers are gone forever. The robe enables its wearer to travel physically on the Astral Plane, along with all that he is wearing or carrying. The garment also enables the wearer to survive comfortably in the void of outer space. +1 bonus to all saving throws.


Found in the dead dragon’s cache in the Aegecian shrine in Hag’s Breath.

Robe of Stars

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