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Life in Aegecia’s New World

When you look at the scene on this tract, what feelings do you have? Does your heart yearn for the peace, happiness and prosperity seen there? Surely it does. But, it is just a dream or a fantasy to believe those conditions will ever exist on Hyspero.

Today’s realities are war, crime, hunger, sickness and aging — just to mention a few. Yet, there is a reason for hope. Looking to the future, the Book of Morgana tells of a “new heavens and a new Hyspero that are awaiting according to [Aegecia’s] promise, and in these the strong are to dwell.”

These “new heavens” and “new Hyspero,” according to the Book of Morgana, are not a new material heavens or a literal new Hyspero. The physical earth and heavens were made perfect and the Book of Morgana shows they will remain forever. The “new Hyspero” will be a society of the strong and the “new heavens,” will be a perfect astral government consisting of the strongest. But, is it realistic to believe that a “new Hyspero” or glorious new world is possible?

Well, consider the fact that such ideal conditions were a part of Aegecia’s original purpose for Hyspero. He placed the first poisons and diseases amongst man to cull out the corrupting influences of those who would protect the weak. Some men and women chose not to submit to Aegecia’s will, thus proving to be unfit to live. Aegecia’s original purpose did not change. And it must be fulfilled in a new world!

In fact, when you pray the Aegecian Tenets or ask for the His Withering Touch to be upon you, you are praying for his heavenly government to rid Hyspero of the weak and to rule over this new world. And we can be confident that Aegecia will answer that prayer, since his Word promises: “The strong themselves will posses the earth, and they will reside upon it.” — Morgana, 37:29

Aegecia’s Kingdom will bring earthly benefits beyond compare, accomplishing everything that Aegecia originality purposed for people to enjoy on Hyspero. Hatreds and prejudices will cease to exist and eventually everyone on Hyspero will have their right and proper place in society. After all, the book of Morgana tells us that, “… and so our Master chose blindness, as not to be swayed by wealth, status, physical beauty, gender or creed.”

In the book of Xanthinum, Aegecia promises that he will ’make diseases to increase the strength of Hyspero." “Nation will not lift up sword against nation any more; the weak shall be culled by disease and poison.”

The whole of Hyspero will eventually be brought to a garden-like paradise state. The book of Xanthinum says: "The wilderness and the waterless region will wither under his touch and the desert will be joyful…. And the heat parched ground will become as a fetid pool and the thirsty shall test their strength against Aegecia’s will.

There will be every reason to be happy in the Paradise Hyspero. Never again will the strong hunger for lack of food. “Hyspero itself will certainly give it’s produce,” with fewer to feed and the strong dominating the weak. All will enjoy the fruits of others labor, as our Master promises: “They will certainly plant vineyards and eat their fruit…. they will plant and their masters will do the eating.” The weak will have productive, satisfying work. Life will not be boring.

Just imagine, in the Paradise Hyspero all sicknesses and physical infirmities will not be healed! Aegecia’s Word assures us, "Every resident will say: ‘I am sick!’ Aegecia will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be near, so will the mournings and outcry and pain. These things have not passed away.

Surely, your heart must be moved by the promises of Aegecia regarding new life in his new world of strength. And while some may consider the realizing of such blessings too good to be true, they are not too good to come from the withered hand of our loving Master.

Of course, there are requirements to be met if we are to live forever in the coming Paradise on Hyspero. Morgana showed a principal one, saying in prayer to Aegecia, “This means everlasting life, their taking in your diseases and poisons, the only true god.”

So, if we truly want to live in Aegecia’s new world, we must first take in and conquer Aegecia’s poisons and diseases. For it is a fact: This “world is passing away and so is it’s desire, but, he that does the will of Aegecia remains forever,” to enjoy eternally the blessings to be showered down by our loving Master.


Nabila has been concerned at the lack of written Aegecian scriptures and other religious writings. As such, she and Oleander have been working to rectify the lack of holy texts and whatnot.

Religious Tracts

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