Nakahara's Blade

weapon (melee)

1d8, +3 to hit, 15% chance to inflict 2d10 electrical damage per hit with a saving throw for half damage (save vs. spells)


When drawn, this blade crackles with blue energy. According to Ohda, Nakahara is the Ninja Land name for Zargos.

The party picked up ninjato when Rasestu kidnapped Corben after the party cleaned out Harrowstone. Ohda used them for a while. Then the party killed Ohda after he left us to die in the Mage’s Tower. Now they’re in our community chest.

Considering that these swords have changed hands twice under violent circumstances in only a few months, some people are beginning to wonder if there is a curse on them the party has yet to discover. (Only Nabila wonders that. She’s paranoid. Just sayin’.)

Nakahara's Blade

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