Vincente Abascal


An excommunicated divine healer, Vincente was kicked out of the church of Jhannis for supposed embezzlement (“Those funds were merely resting in my account!”) and reports of an incident with an altar boy. Vincente claims that there was no definitive evidence to prove his guilt in either of the charges against him, and that the church turned their back on him without any due process. He believes Jhannis left his side at this point.

Wandering the Serobi Wastes, he came upon Valencia and attempted to join Padre Silva at the church of Andore. Padre Silva allowed Vincente to live and study at the church for a time, but once again Vincente was asked to leave for undisclosed reasons.

Vincente then found a home as an outlaw priest with Tuco and his banditos. It is here where he crossed paths with the party in a massive battle in the village of Valencia. Vincente willingly surrendered, partly out of cowardice, but also because he recognized Nabila for what she was. Vincente had been waiting for someone like her to come along. If none of the gods of light would have him, perhaps one of the darker gods could accommodate him…

Update, Session 35: Vincente was always kind of creepy, but, he really started getting in touch with his inner sadist after Nabila gave him 20 gold and encouraged him to let go of his inhibitions. The party later saw Vincente take a young male companion into a rented room in a seedy bar and heard some…. noises from that room. Later, they noticed some fresher blood stains in that room.

Update, Session 37: After a wild surge that pitched the party forward in time 6 months, Vincente was left behind in Harrowstone’s torture chamber, as he was outside the spells radius. He spent quality time with Father D-bag and friends, who tortured him in a wide variety of ways, and eventually abandoned him in a spiked chair. However, as a reward for Vincente’s faithfulness, Aegecia provided Vincente with the Create Food and Water spell and made him a full Plaguegiver. Vincente now seems quite eager to do Aegecia’s will and used the time being tortured to get in touch with the masochistic part of his personality.

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Vincente Abascal

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