A half-orc bandit lord who had a stranglehold on the village of Valencia and an axe to grind with Baron Castillo.

When the party first met Tuco, he had fortified Valencia and offered the party a truce and information on Salamanca’s treasure should they kill Padre Silva (thus ending any resistance movement against him). The party refused and a full-scale war against the banditos ensued. Tuco’s men ultimately lost the battle, though Tuco himself was able to escape.

He was able to regroup with some of his men, because the next time the party encountered Tuco, he was crashing Baron Castillo’s ball in Puerto Mia thanks to an arrangement with the baroness.

When the now-outlawed Baron Castillo followed the party toward Salamanca’s treasure, Tuco and his men followed not far behind. He joined forces with the party temporarily to take out the Baron and his guard. After securing a fair share of treasure for he and his surviving men, Tuco rode off into the desert, not wishing to spend another minute in the party’s company.


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