High priced courtesan who moonlights as an assassin. Estranged member of the Cartel and apparently a former stalker fling of Oleander’s.

Update, session 20: As Tres was in Vogelbrucke at the time of the Carcosa portal opening, her fate is unknown.

Update, Session 23: Nabila scryed on Tres and discovered that Tres (still in her fancy, slutty clothes) is now in charge of Schwarzwald. Oh boy.

Update, Session 39: While Nabila scryed to find out what Tres is up to, she discovered that Tres is working closely with Oleander and the Shadow Conjunction. Whether Tres is really on their side is up for debate as she thought Aegecian plaguegivers were a waste of time. Now that Oleander is high priest of the Aegecian order, has Tres changed her mind or is she merely out for the killing and the gold?


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