“Spud” is Daven’s current henchman/man-at-arms. The party picked him up at The Long Man, an inn that caters to non-dwarves in Baraz-Gathuul. Not a whole lot is known about him, other than he is an ex-militia man and caravan guard. He is an exceptionally ugly fellow with a half-melted face.

Sensing that Spud was to be yet another in a long line of short lived and disposable NPC henchpeople, the DM decided to have some fun and give Spud the voice of an uneducated Cockney wanker. Unfortunately for the DM, Gary Gygax was looking down from Gaming Valhalla and decided to punish the DM for his flippancy by making all dice rolls go in Spud’s favor, allowing him to survive long enough to reach 2nd level and dooming the DM to continue using the ‘Spud voice’ for longer than he normally would have.

Update, Session 17: We learned that Spud is called Spud because of a certain parlor trick that involves putting a potato in a certain orifice, which he demonstrated for the party. Spud also seems to fancy himself something of a ladies man, claiming that the ladies can’t resist his “musk.”

Update, Session 20: Spud was accidentally diseased by Nabila’s home cooking, which started slowly sapping his CON away. When the party reached Vogelbrucke and tried to crash the performance of ‘The King in Yellow’, Spud was the only member of the group not affected by the enthralling dark magic of Hastur. Spud was noticeably absent during the opening of the portal to Carcosa, so it can be deduced that he (wisely) fled before then, but his fate after that is unknown.

Update, Session 21: According to Phillipe, though Spud did escape Vogelbrucke, he died of the plague somewhere on the road between Vogelbrucke and Amaranth.

Update, Session 39 Spud is alive and well! He’s joined up with Oleander and the Shadow Conjunction. During a scrying session Nabila discovered him in the Moonwood with Oleander, Tres, and Corben Elias on their way to assassinate King Turin.


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