Shelly the Dour


A former plaguegiver and mentor to several other plaguegivers, including Nabila and Oleander. Shelly was known as the wretched old crone who owned the Hair of the Dog tavern in the poorer section of Amaranth, but her withered state was later revealed to be a result of failing ‘The Test’ in the shrine of Aegecia deep within Hag’s Breath. Though it was not her destiny to claim the Unholy Shroud, she was given the chance to return as a plaguelich in order to train the next generation of plaguegivers.

Shelly learned to hide her plaguelich status over the years through magic, though the best guise she could manage was that of the aforementioned withered hag. Years prior she was beautiful and involved with a young Professor Elias, whom she hoped to have a child with and raise as the next ‘chosen one’ of Aegecia. This never came to pass, though the plague that swept through western Volkstadt decades ago was her doing, thus she unintentionally had a hand in Nabila’s development at a young age.

At some point during the party’s ‘seven year gap’, Shelly was killed by Adivion Adrissant, presumably to ensure she could train no more plaguegivers that may interfere in his insane plans. However, as a reward for her life of dedication, Shelly was awarded the opportunity to serve in the afterlife as the ‘voice’ of Aegecia – the plague god’s vocal chords having atrophied from both years of disuse and the diseases that continually fester within him.

Shelly the Dour

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