Ser Bolton of Oxburgh


A virtuous inquisitor from the Barony of Elderon, Ser Bolton first encountered the party in the open country after leaving Hag’s Breath. He had apparently followed a trail of violence left in the party’s wake and sought justice for their crimes. Ser Bolton challenged Granick to a duel, but withdrew from the area thanks to a Potion of Gaseous Form when the rest of the party showed themselves to be stinky cheaters and started interfering in the fight.

After learning firsthand that the clearly evil party wouldn’t play fair, Ser Bolton later waylaid a disoriented Company after their escape from the Mists surrounding Sri Raji. He briefly spoke to the party while they were captives in Harrowstone Prison, but left the gloating to Father Isambard. Though he is a servant of Haggar, Ser Bolton has some connection to Isambard and the temple of Flayne.

Ser Bolton’s Spells

First Level

Second Level

Ser Bolton of Oxburgh

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