Ruxandra Rumanova


Ramsey’s 15 year old Gypsy wife. Eager to spend his newly acquired wealth, Ramsey acquired his new wife during a night of drunken cavorting in the Gypsy camp near Schloss Ustlav. Whether or not Ramsey is actually married is certainly up for debate, though Ruxandra claims that they drank the wine from the chalice and danced around the fire together. In the interests of keeping the peace in the Gypsy camp, Nabila accepted Ruxandra into her “family,” though she left the woman’s ultimate fate in Ramsey’s hands. Because of Nabila’s acceptance and the fact that she has a page in the wiki now, she’ll probably die next session.

Ruxandra seems like a sweet girl who is eager to be helpful, probably to prove to her new “husband” that she will be a good wife.

Update, Session 40: Ruxandra bit it twice in Session 40, the first time being when, on Ser Bolton’s recommendation, she and Karishma tried to cut the rope to the bell in the Abbey. She went splat.

Nabila then used the Wand of Reincarnation on her, which turned her into a male halfing cleric of Haggar. He kicked a few mercenaries in the knees, before stealing the vorpal sword from the bag of holding and trying to have pokey fun times with Nabila. Nabila death stared at him and took his head for her collection. Ser Bolton took the stinky thief’s hands.

Ruxandra Rumanova

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