Elite Guard #3 served under Baron Castillo and initially fought against the party and Tuco’s banditos (who had temporarily joined forces). While his comrades fell easily to the party’s magic and Tuco’s swordsmanship, Elite Guard #3 continued to fight on, taking hit after hit from the banditos yet somehow still remaining upright. The party decided he was a True Warrior and gave him the chance to join up.

Update, Session 36: During a fight with Arijani’s mother, three priestesses of Kali and twelve Dark Sisters, Ramsey was held and coup de gras-ed. The party threw him on the Resurrection Machine in the temple and luckily for us, he came back.

Update, Session 37: Despite the odds, some way, some how, Elite Guard #3, aka Ramsey, continues to be one BAMF. He killed Arijani by firing Ravana’s Bane. Later, Ramsey repeated his desert performance by tanking three prison guards in the basement of Harrowstone Prison, and again generally evaded attack.

Update, Session 39: This was the session where Ramsey finally got a personality as a reward for being a BAMF and (mostly) surviving more than five sessions. When the party arrived at Schloss Ustlav and the Gypsy camp outside of it, Ramsey treated the Gypsy camp like his own personal Las Vegas and blew all his cash on Aegecia only knows what. He woke up the next morning with a Gypsy wife, Ruxandra Rumanova. Nabila heavily hinted that he has the option of arranging an accident if/ when he gets bored with his new wife. The sex must be at least tolerable, because Ruxandra is still alive (for now).

Ramsey also revealed that he does not have a last name because he does not know his mother.

Update, Session 40: Ramsey bit it for good in the 1 Year Anniversary special when Vincente, charmed by Radvir Giovanni, used the Unholy Shroud of the First Prophetess to Godrot Ramsey, then masturbated with his gooey remains (uncharmed).


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