Professor Jago Elias


The funeral of Professor Elias is what initially introduced what would become ‘The Company of the Tattered Cloak’ to one another. Each member of the party individually knew the professor at some point, and it was their investigations into his research on Harrowstone Prison (and his untimely death because of it) that kept the group together.

For many years, Professor Elias lectured at the University of Amaranth, having become an expert on the esoteric and supernatural. Elias kept a family home in the small town of Ravenhill, where he stayed with his son Corben when his duties at the university weren’t keeping him in Amaranth. The mostly sheltered people of Ravenhill often believed the professor to be a diabolist or necromancer because of his researches into the darker side of things. (That, and his vast collection of books on black magic, evil gods, esoteric rituals, cults, etc).

Update, session 18: The party has since discovered that Elias did his share of adventuring in younger days. He was in a group that included Shelly the Dour, Nabila’s mentor, on at least one occasion.

Update, session 20: Elias apparently had something of a rivalry with an enigmatic gentleman by the name of Adivion Adrissant. Mr. Adrissant sent a letter of condolences laced with smug condescension to Corben in the wake of the professor’s funeral. When Adrissant finally showed his face to the party and Sindra confronted him, Adrissant mocked her, stating that he “thought the professor would have taught you better.

Professor Jago Elias

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