Orra Lemminkäinen


The proprietress of the Heart’s Desire brothel. She makes use of illusions and glamours for her business, but as the party discovered, her under the table deals include the creation of simulacrums based on the object of your desires.

Update, session 20: As Orra was in Vogelbrucke at the time of the Carcosa portal opening, her fate is unknown. Before the party ran to the play, Sindra sent word to the Madame, via a Whispering Wind spell, that some Very Bad Things were about to go down in the V-brucke.

Update, session 21: According to Phillipe, Orra received Sindra’s message and rallied some townsfolk to fight the crazy at the theater where the King’s Players were performing the “King in Yellow.” Teaming up with the high priestess from the druid grove outside of Vogelbrucke, the Madame and the priestess managed to close the portal to Carcosa by combining their magical abilities. Unfortunately the high priestess was slain, and Orra was caught on the wrong side of the portal when it was sealed. If she’s alive, she’s trapped in Carcosa and seven different kinds of crazy.

Orra Lemminkäinen

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