Orlando Trimeste


The bard Orlando Trimeste was recommended to the party as a potential member by the Esoteric Order of the Palantine Eye. He was found in Enkelhofen — the last one in town alive but sitting in a jail cell for killing a man. A terrible song had driven all the villagers mad with grief and despair, causing them to flee Enkelhofen (later discovered to be the work of a corrupt centaur sorcerer and an evil tree known as a night twist), but Orlando remained sane by using his countersong ability.

It was discovered that the man Orlando killed was Mercucio Baldini, a former member of the King’s Players acting troupe. Orlando has been hunting them all down for several years in search of his wife Deja Brandt — Nabila’s sister. Several years ago, Orlando was called away on business and when he returned, either Adivion Adrissant or Sophia Lasilaran had swooped in and “corrupted Deja’s mind” (Orlando’s words) and taken her along as an unwilling participant in the performances of ‘The King in Yellow’ which ultimately changed the countryside forever.

Update, Session 24: Nabila asked Orlando about his sais, and Orlando responded that he had a friend from Ninjaland who gave them to him. His friend was named Rasetsu, and Rasetsu was on a quest to find an inbred cousin from his clan and bring him to justice. Rasetsu was also blessed with powerful swords (Nakahara’s Blade and the Shinobi Defender) with which he could have defeated the Thing that came out of the portal to Carcosa. Instead, the party killed Rasetsu and left Ohda alive, thus throwing the prophecy to the wind. Because, gah, prophecies. Who needs ’em? Orlando was bothered that we killed Rasetsu and left the other one alive, but he quickly got over it.

Also Orlando questioned Nabila about whether or not Deja is alive, and Nabila couldn’t give him a yes or no answer. Odds are Deja is dead, and if Orlando needs comfort he should see Sindra because she’s good at providing comfort or something.

Update, Session 29-31: Orlando was given a copy of The King in Yellow by Palantine, who told Orlando that it would answer his questions about why Deja left him. Palantine said that it was safe for Orlando to read, but, it’d probably drive anyone else nuts. Little did the party know at the time, it couldn’t drive Orlando crazy because he was all ready there. Reading the book gave Orlando freaky dreams about Deja preforming The King in Yellow for the royal court.

Orlando’s 1st incarnation

Orlando died in battle against Padre Silva and Nabila reincarnated him. He came back as a dark gnome and the shock of it sent him into a swooning fit. Shortly after he came to, he was abducted by a group of rogues and whisked away in some sort of blue portal thingie. The party later found a last will and testament sort of letter written by him, explaining that he was spying on the party for…. someone and gave instructions for him not to be brought back in the event of his demise. Oopsie.

Oleander contacted the party after Orlando’s abduction and filled in some missing blanks. Namely, Orlando found Deja dead in Voglebrucke, weeping over Nabila’s body and went crazy. In return for being Oleander’s spy, Oleander arranged for Professor Scarman to erase that memory. Oleander abducted Orlando in order to debrief him and hopefully give him a lot of quality time with a shrink, because he’ll probably start getting his real memories back.

Orlando Trimeste

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