The long suffering owner of the Jasper Otter, where he is kept under constant supervision by his shrew wife Katja and six wayward sons – Khalid, Andre, Pavel, Dmitri, Aleksei, and Georgi.

Oleg’s fate is unknown following Nabila’s poisoning the town well on her way out of Ravenhill.

Update: In session 12, the party discovered that Oleg and sons have moved to Schwarzwald and bought the Staggering Paladin. His wife, Katja, unfortunately, perished in the plague in Ravenhill, along with 100 other citizens.

Update, session 29: Oleg lives! Ever the shrewd businessman, Oleg got out of Schwarzwald just before things got really bad there. He made his way to Amaranth, where he discovered an abandoned tavern known as the Hair of the Dog up for auction. Oleg promptly bought the tavern and renamed it The Dog’s Bollocks. He seems to have made some good coin by telling tales of his former customers, the Company of the Tattered Cloak. These tales seem to attract the seedy underbelly of society, thus turning Oleg’s taverns into the exclusive go-to place for the less reputable to get piss drunk at. Either fortune or Aegecia smiles upon this, because Oleg has been blessed with wealth, happiness, and a comely young lass named Natalya who seems to be the polar opposite of the harpy of a wife he was once cursed with.


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