Oleander Schoenfeld


The party first made contact with Oleander in the village of Grunburg while he was investigating the mysterious ‘White Fever’ disease afflicting the area. Like Nabila, he is a follower of Aegecia. His previous profession was that of an assassin for the Cartel.

Oleander enjoys slaying vampires and kicking sleeping hobbits in his spare time. He seems to be besotted with Nabila. Otherwise, he has no feelings and will do what needs to be done while his teammates debate on who should do it, hence vampire slaying and hobbit kicking.

Update, Session 14: It was revealed to the party that Oleander had an uncle who served in the 12th Legion and seems to have an interest in or knowledge of military history.

Update, Session 20: Oleander was enthralled by the dark magic of Hastur like most of the other party members and felt compelled to watch the performance of ‘The King in Yellow’ to its conclusion. As the portal to Carcosa opened, the townsfolk in attendance were transformed into hideous cephalopod people and a gargantuan tentacled ‘Thing’ emerged from a lake that was rapidly draining into the theater. Both Oleander and Daven went mad from witnessing the cosmic horrors and fled from the scene. Whether Oleander survived the crush of the mob of pod people and escaped Vogelbrucke is unknown, though even if he is alive, he has a debilitating mental condition to deal with.

Update, Session 21: Phillipe stated that Oleander is now living in Schwarzwald and is now the high priest of the Aegecian order. Under Oleander’s leadership, Plaguegivers have become little more than mercenaries and hit men, working with the Cartel to sell their services to the highest bidder. His mental status has been described as half crazed.

He is possibly knocking boots with Tres because bitch like ‘em crazy. This could explain Oleander’s teaming up with the Cartel again because of his and Tres’ links to the group. What a great way to take advantage of tragedy by spinning it into gold.

Oleander is also left handed.

Update, Session 31: Just read that adventure log.

Oleander Schoenfeld

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