Ohda is The Greatest Ninja Warrior. You lack discipline. I find you unworthy.


Ohda is the Greatest Ninja Warrior of his time. He is not the stealthiest or the quietest. Actually he is never stealthy or quiet, but he is honorable, and honor the most important part of being a ninja. He knows because he is a ninja, and you are not. Unfortunately, he is in a far away land, and no one is really quite sure what a ninja is. Ohda doesn’t mind, he will teach you. There, pick up that dagger.

Rigid and unencumbered by tact (these foreigners and pesants are all his lessers after all), Ohda was sent away by his ninja clan. Far far far away…to…on a quest!…Hee is to seek..the lost soul of their ancient dojo, yes, that’s it, and he musn’t return until he finds it. Fortunately for Ohda, he has seen the path he must take to find the stolen soul of his dojo, oh yes, Ohda sees it all in his dreams. He will find the soul of the temple, and defeat powerful adversaries, and then everyone will celebrate him when he returns home, oh yes, hahaha, everyone will know he is the greatest ninja, he has seen it all already in his visions, ahahaha, yes, soon everything will fall into place, then everyone will know, everyone will know about Ohda! the greatest ninja warrior!

What he lacks in sanity, flexibility, or charm, he makes up for in predictability, a lust for the glory of combat and an inability to understand that that does not always mean getting hit the most. Also quite fortunate for Ohda(or everyone else) is his party’s ability to shield Ohda from pesants behaving above their station, an offense Ohda considers worthy of capital punishment for repeat or particularly insolent offenders.

“If you kill the right people, the world will be more orderly.” ~Ohda

Update, Session 39: Ohda was rescued by Eliza the child vampire from Grunberg. He fascinated her, so she made him her pet, a ghoul. She ripped out his tongue because he talked too much. Now he’s hanging out with Eliza and her gypsy friends near Schloss Ustlav. Needless to say, the members of the party he could remember, he was not pleased to see. Oh well.


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