Nabila Brandt

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Once upon a time, if you saw Nabila on the streets, you wouldn’t have looked twice. She is a young human woman, black hair, brown eyes, average height and weight, typically wearing a tattered grey cape (even during sweltering weather). Now, she has a visible leprosy scar running down her neck and a long scar running horizontally across her back, which is normally covered by her clothing.

Nabila is currently possessing the body of a young female Moon Elf. Her current form stands just shy of six feet tall and appears very well toned. Her skin has a blue-ish hue to it, which contrasts with her wavy black hair. She has a faint scar that begins just over the right side of her lips and ends just below. Most notably, her eyes are made of black fire.

Though Nabila’s body has changed, her style has not. She still favors simple robes in fairly neutral colors and, as always, wears the Unholy Shroud of the First Prophetess, irregardless of weather.

Just see the pictures. Seriously. You’ll know it’s Nabila if she has a black cloak and burning black eyes. After a body swap, she’ll want to have sex or cut off heads. Either one is really cool with her.

Nabila’s original self

Plague lich
Nabila in full plague lich form

Nabila’s 2nd incarnation

Nabila’s 3rd incarnation


Though not exactly forthcoming about her past, Nabila has become slightly more open about it lately, largely because the party doesn’t yet seem inclined to lynch her for being a priestess of Aegecia.

According to records of the time, Nabila Brandt was born on Coldfall 54, 4402, in the hamlet Essen, two days ride north east of Enkelhoffen, to Jerica and Fritz Brandt. Records further indicate that about 18 months later, she was joined by a sister, Deja. The town ledger indicates that Nabila’s father was a leatherworker and her mother a priestess of Sil. The town ledger also seems to indicate that Nabila’s extended family mostly comprised the population of Essen, which, at its height, was recorded at 117 people.

Town ledgers and other miscellaneous records are the only reason Nabila has any idea about her past. In 4407, the population of Essen fell victim to the plague that swept through the area. The towns only cleric, Nabila’s mother, was powerless to stem the tide of the disease, having lost her deity-granted powers when Sil was murdered. Folk and natural remedies did little more than ease the suffering of the victims.

It was to a near empty town that a missionary convoy of Jhannis rode into. As near as the missionaries could guess, the populace of Essen was felled by this disease in about ten days. Only two survivors were recovered from the ghost town, Nabila, who had the disease, but, recovered, and her sister, Deja, who was dying of the disease. Both children were slowly starving to death.

The missionaries nursed the children back to health and permitted them to stay with the convoy until they reached Enkehoffen, where an orphanage for plague orphans had been established.

Though the orphanage tried to keep Nabila and Deja together, Deja was adopted out six months later. Nabila, on the other hand, was never adopted, and stayed there for seven years. While Nabila was at the orphanage, the plague kept periodically cropping up amongst the orphans, though Nabila was never again afflicted with the disease.

At the age of 12, Nabila, now old enough to find work, left the orphanage. She was hired as a scullery maid into the governors of Enkelhoffen’s mother’s house for four. Through diligence, hard work and a natural aptitude for cooking, Nabila was promoted to kitchen maid when the current kitchen maid left service to marry.

And that’s when the trouble began. Three months after taking her new position, the house was hit by the plague. Within a few days time, the entire household, from scullery maid to the governor’s mother, took ill and died, except Nabila. Instead, she was imprisoned in the house, under quarantine for an additional month after the last person had died. The Governor, and, indeed, the rest of the town, strongly encouraged Nabila to leave Enkelhoffen. However, he did help her secure a position as kitchen maid in the home of the second daughter of the Viscountess of Vogelbrucke.

While in the home of the second daughter of the Viscountess of Vogelbrucke, Nabila worked diligently, constantly trying to learn as much as possible, hoping to one day work her way up to Chef. During this time, Nabila began to be tormented by dreams and waking nightmares about the plague. In some dreams, everyone she ever loved died, in others, she was vengefully was infecting others with the plague. Her performance at work began to suffer. She was on the verge of being sacked when the plague broke out yet again.

Rather than stay under quarantine and deal with angry townspeople once again, Nabila fled as soon as the first symptoms presented themselves. Still tormented by the same dreams and nightmares, Nabila attempted to live in the wilderness, shunning all human contact.

This plan was rather ill conceived, to be honest. Nabila was a city girl. Her attempts at hunting were comical at best and dismal at worst. She accidentally poisoned herself a few times by eating the wrong plants. She couldn’t find pure water with both hands and a map. She could no longer tell fantasy from reality and her visions began to become hallucinations. The hallucinations began to include the front of a tavern in Armanath named The Hair of the Dog and a wrinkled, gnarled old woman.

In her hallucinations, the gnarled old woman acted half as tormentor and half as savior, alternately threatening with and pleading for Nabila to come find her. Nabila traveled in circles in the woods, never able to resolve whether she wanted to stay away from humans or try to find the hallucination.

After about a month, Nabila stumbled onto a small camp of bandits. They promptly made her welcome, offered her food and water, which she was in no position to turn down. Unknown to her, both were loaded with a sedative. She barely made it through a few bites of gruel before passing out.

When Nabila came to a few hours later, she was hog tied and being gang raped by both men and women. Before the bandits could tire of her, they began to take ill with the plague. Within days, all were dead.

Except Nabila. Who, at this point, had been forgotten about and left hogtied, naked and in the elements.

Just as she was about to give up and die, herself, Nabila had another vision of the old crone. The crone guided her to a sharp rock that Nabila could use to cut her bonds and gave her detailed instructions on how to get to Armanath. This time, she also offered to cure Nabila of the disease she was unwittingly spreading if she would come to her.

Given the choice of dying alone in the wilderness, living in the wilderness and being prey for every passer-by and living, Nabila chose life. She stole one of the now dead bandit’s horses and rode for Armanath.

Once in Armanath, the crone, Shelly the Dour, explained to Nabila that she was an asymptomatic carrier of the plague. While she could not cure it entirely, she was able to stop her from spreading it quite as much. In exchange for acting against her religion, Shelly cured Nabila and offered her a job in the tavern on the understanding that Nabila would come to worship Aegecia. Having nothing else to bargain with, Nabila agreed.

For the next seven years, Nabila studied under Shelly, growing stronger and stronger in her faith and closer to Shelly. Shelly became the twisted, kind of crazy mother that Nabila never had and always wanted. Gradually, Nabila came to the realization that she would like to train to become a Plaguegiver and Shelly was happy to train her.

After deciding to train as a Plaguegiver, Nabila lost what few compunctions she had left about not spreading the plague. She occasionally turned a few tricks in the tavern, in addition to her other duties, for some spare change and the opportunity to give the plague to travelers to take to foreign lands.

One of these tricks turned out to be a Professor Elias, renowned for his works in cryptozoology and demonology. Nabila bedded him none the less, but, instead of letting him continue on in his travels and spread the plague, Nabila informed him that she had infected him. She offered to cure him if he would teach her about demonology and cryptozoology.

Of course, he didn’t believe her at first. Later that night, he had a change of heart when his fever began to spike and his skin break out in boils. True to her word, Nabila cured him, and true to his, Professor Elias spent the next few years teaching Nabila whenever he had the opportunity. For her part, Nabila was a quick study and devoted student.

In the mean time, Nabila has begun to make a name for herself as a high quality purveyor of poisons, selling on the black market to rogues, assassins and housewives desperate to get rats out of their larders.

Nabila’s available spells:

First Level

Second Level

Third Level

^ – Animate dead only lasts 1 round/ level of caster, but, the undead have a chance to spread disease.
+ – Must be petitioned for overnight.

Fourth Level Spells

Fifth Level

Sixth Level

Nabila Brandt

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