Mr. Monterray


A rugged elf who most curiously abandoned the fields and forests where elves feel most comfortable and took to the seas. He served with Captain Malgo aboard the Lady Lynn Rob for many years, first when they flew the Jolly Roger as privateers and staying on to become first mate when the captain and crew decided to turn legitimate.

About as taciturn and dour as a typical dwarf, the party soon discovered Mr. Monterray was no stranger to the bottle and his sport of choice on long sea voyages was blindly shooting crossbow bolts at dolphins and other seafaring creatures. (Thankfully he was a terrible shot when drunk, thus avoiding an ass kicking from Jeb). The party figured out, too late, that the dolphins were scouts for a very pissed off reef giant seeking revenge on the elven first mate and a few stray crewmen from the Lady Lynn Rob. On a previous shore leave excursion, Mr. Monterray and some of the crew discovered a cove where reef giants laired — filled to the brim with treasure. Unfortunately before the treasure could be liberated, Mrs. Reef Giant came home and the sailors killed her. They fled just before her husband arrived.

The party had no choice but to deal with the enraged male giant in battle, but there were casualties aboard the Lady Lynn Rob and this greatly displeased Captain Malgo. Once the truth of the matter came to the light (thanks to some intimidation from the party), the captain knocked Mr. Monterray to the deck and brutally removed one of his eyes by jamming a knife into his eye socket. This was supposedly to teach his first mate a lesson for his carelessness.

Later, the party discovered that there was a much deeper history between Mr. Monterray and Captain Malgo. Monterray had a potential romantic interest with an innocent elven maiden once, but Captain Malgo swept her up one night in a fit of drunkenness and raped her several times in his cabin before throttling her to death. This would eat away at Mr. Monterray, but always the cautious sort, he dared not show weakness in front of the rest of the crew and bided his time, slowly plotting a mutiny on the evil half-orc. The arrival of the Tattered Cloaks took away most of Mr. Monterray’s mutineers, as Granick and Kelvin accidentally killed them during the reef giant battle.

However, the party unintentionally paid Mr. Monterray back when Nabila slew Captain Malgo. The elf claimed the Lady Lynn Rob as his ship, declaring himself the new captain. Captain Monterray vowed to leave the ship docked in Tonada for as long as the party needed to find Salamanca’s treasure and the Cup of Santiago. He also vowed to ferry them wherever they needed to go once they had said treasure. Naturally, of all the party members, it was Nabila who was suspicious of this, but Monterray claims that after seeing them in action, the elf values his life too much to attempt to cross any one of the Tattered Cloaks.

Mr. Monterray

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