Lord Easton Lashvale of Verena


Lord Easton Lashvale was the nephew of the Duke of Verena. He met up with the party at the abandoned Trollslayers’ camp and asked if he could join the Company of the Tattered Cloaks. He threw a large pouch of purple lotus leaves at Nabila, which may have been a sign that he was a faithful follower of Golgoroth. He showed us his skill with a whip by killing some random patron in the watering hole. Unfortunately for the young man, Nabila was not in a jovial mood and did not appreciate being talked down to by some royal twit, so things got heated after a drinking contest between Lashvale, Jeb, and Sindra. (Lashvale won.) Lashvale, unused to being talked down to by anyone, took his servant Porter and decided not to join up with the party. Because Ser Bolton could not tolerate the death of an innocent, he and Nabila went outside to fight Lord Lashvale and Porter.

Then we looted Lashvale’s stuff. He had nice stuff.

And then we had to leave very quickly before a mob of angry humans descended upon us with torches and pitchforks. Whoops.

End result:

Probably we pissed off Golgoroth and Brother Jalthor
Probably the Duchy of Verena will mobilize and destroy what’s left of Volkstadt/Turin
Definitely we lost another (two) member(s) of the party who could kill stuff

Lord Easton Lashvale of Verena

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