Logan the Swine (Logan Norman)


A member of the city watch in Amaranth who was impressed by Granick’s ‘barbarian magnetism’, so much so that Granick was able to convince him to go AWOL from the city watch and join up with the Company of the Tattered Cloak. Before that, Logan hinted to Granick that he was associated with a fledgling resistance group looking to ‘take back Volkstadt’ and remove the elven king from power.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed, the party seems to think Logan has a preference for men — especially the strong ones with large biceps and beads of sweat dripping from their perfectly rippling pectoral muscles… mmm…

Logan’s 1st incarnation

Update, Session 31: Logan died in combat with Padre Silva and was reincarnated by Nabila via a wand of the same name. Now he’s a middle aged Mountain Dwarf rogue who really seems to enjoy killing things.

Update, Session 33: Logan the Swine died while trying to disarm a trap (a toxic gas cloud) in the prison’s medical office. We’re not too upset by this because he was Chaotic Evil and would probably run his mouth off and get himself killed anyway. At least this way none of the party members had to do it. And we got a nice magic +1 staff of wither out of the arrangement.

Logan the Swine (Logan Norman)

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