K (Kelvin Wickworth)

He just dropped in to see what condition his condition was in...


The party met 16 year-old Kelvin Wickworth during a visit to Strawbourg where they enlisted Jeb’s company. Farmer Wickworth had two sons named Ambrose and Kelvin who were good boys and always did the right thing. Lucia the Wood Elf took them into the woods and made them perform horrible rituals to a dryad and a Giant Oak. Kelvin fought with the party and helped slay Lucia. Ambrose unfortunately fell victim to a lighting bolt and turned crispy. The party returned Kelvin and Ambrose’s body to Farmer Wickworth, but Nabila charmed Kelvin into joining them. She told him about Aegecia’s will and survival of the fittest, which a farm boy understood when it came to culling animals from the herd. Farmer Wickworth was distraught to lose both of his sons, and Kelvin hasn’t looked back since.

Kelvin is smitten with Nabila and tries very hard to please her by slaughtering things. He often flexes his muscles in her presence, and sometimes he tells the other party members how to kill because he is so good at it. Kelvin has become a valuable member of the party despite his innocence and youth. He recently slew a wyvern, and Nabila was so proud she opted to spend the night with him and do all kinds of kinky sex acts as a reward for him being a very good boy.

Update, Session 28: Upon return from the temple in Hag’s Breath, the party passed through Strawbourg. The party heavily encouraged Kelvin to visit his father while they were in town. At first reluctant, Kelvin eventually acquiesced. Kelvin told his dad about his adventures and Maximilian was presumably disturbed, to say the least. The visit was cut short when Kelvin decapitated his father with the Vorpal Sword, saying, “He just didn’t understand.”

Kelvin’s 1st incarnation

Update, Session 30-31: Kelvin died in combat with Padre Silva and Nabila used the Wand of Reincarnation on him. He now appears to be in his early 20’s and has a soul patch. He’s now also a Lost Druid and prefers to be called “K.”

Update, Session 33: K snuffed it when Barron Castillo lobbed a Fireball at the party. Nabila declined to resurrect him yet again, which is a good thing, because she has a sneaking suspicion that K would have come back as a Chaotic Evil Duergar priest of Kosgrim. We’ll miss you, K!

Kelvin’s Spells

First Level

Second Level

K (Kelvin Wickworth)

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