Jebediah Trowbridge


A mountain man (ranger kit) from ‘down south,’ Jebediah was recommended to Sindra and Nabila by the Esoteric Order of the Palantine Eye as someone who has experience with “Eldritch horrors.” Jebediah apparently fought against evil tree creatures at some point, which he referred to as the ‘Dark Young.’ This battle cost him his previous adventuring party, and he does not seem to have recovered fully from the loss.

Jebediah has a mane of long, straggly hair and a wild beard. He dresses in hand crafted leathers and furs and occasionally puffs on a smoking pipe. He is proficient in a number of different weapons but seems to favor the long bow and battle axe as weapons of choice.

Update, Session 22: During a drunken interrogation session with Sindra, Jeb revealed his grandfather taught him everything he knows about being a ranger and mountaineer. He does not know his parents. He thinks he is about 32 years old. The biggest thing he ever brought down was a Dark Young tree. He has only had a few girlfriends. Jeb also told Sindra that the men of his village protected witches. That explained why he jumped in front of her during the battle with Lucia, Phinneas, and the eagle in the Giant Oak grove. (Sindra thinks he is “nice” and loves the way he talks.) PS: We also found out that he’s hung like a horse.

Update, Session 46: After “courting” Sindra for some time, Jebediah finally admitted his feelings for her. During the battle with the demon Balor, whom Tar-Baphon himself summoned and moved to Renchurch, Sindra cast a Limited Wish spell which sent Balor packing. Because the spell was so powerful, it aged Sindra nine years, causing her to miscarry their baby. Jebediah blamed Ser Bolton for wandering off and summoning the demon that could have killed them all. In order to atone for the screw up, Jeb made Ser Bolton perform a (bumbling) wedding ceremony amidst all the bones and filth of the demon’s lair.

Update, Session 49: Palantine/Nyarlathotep reveals to the party — especially Sindra — that Jeb’s secret wish all those months ago was to have a child with Sindra. He survived the battle with the Black Pharaoh, and, stuck on Earth, he and Sindra traveled around because she wanted to. He wanted a quiet life and a plot of land to farm. But he also knew better than to argue with Sindra because she would make him miserable until he agreed with what she wanted, so they traveled all over the place instead. His wife also caused Mt. Vesuvius to explode. Whoops.

He also started the barbarian beard braiding trend.

Jebediah Trowbridge

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