Izzy (Isabelle Kalliwart)


Halfling Thief NPC


Izzy is a four foot tall halfling with light brown locks (usually braided) and a teal colored left eye. Her right eye is missing, covered by a dark leather eyepatch. Izzy is outfitted in a suit of studded leather armor (dyed a midnight blue) and when working, a pair of gloves. In colder weather she dons a dark reddish brown cloak.

When queried on her background, Izzy gives short, terse answers. Most of these are only riddles and half-truths. Wherever it is she’s come from, she doesn’t seem very keen on letting anyone else know the whole story. All the party knows at this point is that she was serving time in prison for undisclosed crimes until Professor Elias used his political connections to secure her release. Other known facts include Izzy’s love of material wealth, her agnostic views on religion (believing that Valdis, god of murder and assassination, abandoned her when he allowed her to be caught and sent to prison), and the slight possibility that she may favor women over men.


Izzy was killed in a battle with a djinn while the party attempted to clear out the tower of Ignatious Voltain. She was eventually brought back to Schwarzwald, where the party had her resurrected by Brother Jalthor. Izzy’s brief time in the afterlife was not so pleasant, and her new personality seems to reflect this.


Izzy later revealed that she wasn’t the real Isabelle Kalliwart and that she invented her association with Professor Elias simply to tag along with the party because she liked the way they did business. The real Isabelle was waylaid on the road to Ravenhill by the halfling, who accidentally killed her. Discovering the invitation to the professor’s funeral amongst Ms. Kalliwart’s belongings, the new Izzy went to Ravenhill to see if there was any profit to be had hobnobbing around a rich professor’s house.

Izzy was later killed a second time during the battle at Sudendorf with a mob of villagers transformed into hideous cephalopod creatures. The party used some Silverweed purchased in Schwarzwald to bring her back from the dead, but unfortunately the drug adversely affected her Wisdom. The bright idea of using purple lotus powder to try and reverse the effects was then put forth, and Nabila gleefully dosed the halfling until Izzy snorted one dose too many and slit her own throat in a suicidal rage.

Nabila later attempted to cast Speak with Dead on Izzy (whose body the party decided to drag around), but Izzy’s only response to Nabila was for her to “Go to Hell”. But we took all her stuff and don’t feel so bad about it anymore.


In session 22, Nabila, Sindra, Jeb, and Kelvin went to Sudendorf to kill some undead. Izzy was the undead. Valdis transformed her into a special mohrg and allowed her to come back to life so she could take her vengeance out on Nabila. Izzy told Nabila that Valdis does not want Nabila to wake Aegecia. Before we could talk to Izzy to find out more, Nabila went into attack mode and we killed Izzy again, though not before Izzy’s mangled body exploded into a cloud of lotus powder all over Nabila.

Izzy (Isabelle Kalliwart)

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