Father Isambard


The wheelchair-bound head priest of the Temple of Flayne in Ravenhill. Father Isambard went on to become something of an antagonist to the party after they accused him of collusion with the evil spirits in the Harrowstone prison (and later revised their accusation to plain incompetence).

Father Isambard’s fate is unknown following Nabila poisoning the town well on the party’s way out of Ravenhill.

Update, Session 12: Oleg told Sindra and Nabila that Fr. Isambard survived the plague in Ravenhill.

Sindra refers to Isambard as “Wheels.” She has also added his name to the party’s unwritten hit list. She keeps the list in her head because writing such things on paper is folly if anyone ever found it, and the good father’s name is at the very top.

Update, Session 21: Philippe told Nabila and Sindra that the Temple of Flayne withdrew from all the cities in Volkstadt and holed up in its own city-state now known as Isambard. Father D-bag now controls all of the Paladins of Flayne, and according to the Party Hit List that does not exist, Wheels’ name is “bolded and highlighted and has lots of lines drawn under it.” Nabila and Sindra have deduced many delicious ways to torture and kill the old man, especially the one idea where they push him off a cliff while strapped in his wheelchair, and levitating him at the last second, then pushing him off again, until they run out of spells for that day. Kind of like a geriatric yo-yo.

Father Isambard

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