A rather creepy child first encountered by the party in the wilds outside Grunburg. Despite being clad in nothing but a nightgown, the girl was seemingly unaffected by the wintry chill in the air. Even more curious, she was surrounded by a pack of large wolves who seemed to treat her as one of the pack. Eliza took a shine to Ohda, enjoying the sound of his ‘funny name’, but before the party could properly question her, she fled into the night.

The party later discovered that Eliza was the daughter of Awilda, a shunned gypsy woman living in Grunburg. Unbeknownst to the public, the mayor of Grunburg (Mayor Hoyer) was a Nosferatu vampire, and had snatched young Eliza in a binge of bloodlust and turned her into one of the Kindred. Eliza would forever be a child and could no longer safely live within the walls of the village. On her deathbed, Awilda placed a curse upon Hoyer’s head, which Sindra, Nabila, and Izzy unwittingly witnessed, thus getting the party mixed up in vampires, gypsy curses, and silver roses. Eliza confirmed that the party couldn’t leave the strange blizzard plaguing Grunburg until Hoyer was slain when she visited Ohda at the village inn during the night. (By floating up to a second story window and peering in, no less. Not creepy at all.) The party thereafter claimed they were ‘doing a hit’ for a 10 year old. (Though it was technically the mother who placed the hit out on the vampiric mayor).

Although the party dealt with the situation in Grunburg and ultimately lifted the curse, they did not bump into Eliza again. Her fate is unknown.

Update, Session 39: Outside of Schloss Ustlav, a small group of gypsies made camp. Eliza lives among the gypsies who find her creepily adorable in a child vampire kind of way. Meaning: they ain’t bovvered. Eliza found Ohda after the party whacked him for betraying us and turned him into a ghoul. She refers to him as her pet. She also ripped out his tongue because he talked too much. Eliza and her “father” Luvick Siervage, a vampire elder, are the last two free-willed Kindred in the world.


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