Dr. Antianetta Despini-Hoyer


The former doctor of Grunburg and now widow of Mayor Felix Hoyer. Antianetta’s most notable feature are her piercing blue eyes, which she used to secretly charm Ohda when the party first met her.

The party discovered that both the mayor and his wife, Dr. Antianetta Despini-Hoyer, were nosferatu vampires feeding off the people of Grunburg and afflicting them with a disease known as the ‘White Fever’. In order to fulfill the terms of a gypsy curse they were unwittingly drawn into, the party eventually slew Mayor Hoyer with the aid of white roses blessed by the goddess Rosalba. However, when the party opened her coffin, Dr. Hoyer was able to assume gaseous form and escape to fight another day.

Update, Session 14: It was revealed that after fleeing Grunberg, Dr. Despini-Hoyer fled north into the mountains. There she united two tribes of Duergar and Derro dwarves for the purpose of robbing TMC trains. The party eventually put an end to the train robbing operation and slew Dr. Despini-Hoyer.

Dr. Antianetta Despini-Hoyer

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