Dipton Everhafin


Sindra’s baby brother, the last of the Everhafin siblings. Dipton is spoiled rotten and as a result is selfish and cruel. He is loyal to their mother Nhilonia and thinks that their sister Rualoth is too weak to rule House Everhafin. He encountered Sindra and the party in the Evergloom, both of them looking for the same thing — the artifact Dark Fate. Sindra foolishly got herself captured by Dipton and his men, though they let her go after she blundered her way through her WE ALL GONNA DIE! speech. Dipton left the Evergloom, promising Sindra she would never see him again.

Also everybody in the party remembers him as “the dude that fucked his sister.” So this is allegedly true that Dipton had an incestuous relationship with Mayraena and hates Sindra because she killed Mayraena, thus stopping him from keeping it in the family. Literally.

Update, Session 46: While the party explored Renchurch, they found a latched coffer full of what Sindra recognized to be Dipton’s piwafwi cloak, armor, and weapons. Sindra desperately wants to find her brother and make sure he’s alive and well or if he has been transformed into an undead monster because she couldn’t handle another of her siblings destroyed by their mother Nhilonia’s madness and hatred.

Update, Session 47 The party finds Dipton left for dead by Nhilonia. Sindra interrogates him and then frees him to help out. He followed Nhilonia to Renchurch, though his motives are unclear, but whatever happened, Nhilonia had little use for him. He swore to get revenge on her and kill her, so he joined up with Sindra and the party to do just that.

Dipton Everhafin

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