Deja Brandt


Nabila’s younger sister and the wife of Orlando Trimeste. After the deaths of their parents, Nabila and Deja were split up, with Deja getting adopted by the Faramonds in Vogelbrucke. There, she met and married Orlando. The pair joined an adventuring party briefly before settling down in Sudendorf to start their own family, with no success. One night while Orlando was away seeking the counsel of a priestess of Nhezin, Adivion Adrissant recruited her to preform with the theater troupe The King’s Players.

The King’s Players put on shows in several cities, including Amaranth, Sudendorf and Hallowfield, culminating with the performance in Vogelbrucke which summoned The Thing From The Lake and opened a portal to Carcosa. After a lifetime of looking for her sister, Deja finally found Nabila in Voglebruck, albeit too late. Nabila had perished in the battle against The Thing. The shock of finding her sister’s dead body allowed her to finally overthrow the charm magic Adrissant used to secure her cooperation. The King’s Players turned on Deja and she is reported as being dead.

Through the course of the campaign, Nabila has repeatedly used a variety of divination spells to alternately keep tabs on or find Deja. For the most part, even the gods themselves claim that Deja is dead. In session 39, Professor Ferramin, who had earlier made a prophecy to Nabila regarding Deja, said, “She is coming. She may all ready be here.”

DM: It should be noted that Ferramin’s foreboding having anything to do with Deja at all is pure speculation on the part of Nabila.

Deja Brandt

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