Daven Sulluven

Weary eyed, extremely on edge, and armed for bear.


Since joining the “Company of the Tattered Cloak” Daven has greatly increased his stature in the material world. He now keeps a clean shaven chin and a well groomed mustache to match his peerless gold guilded plate armor. He has upgraded his trusty 3/4 of a century old crossbow for a magnificent Ebony Crossbow with Nymph’s Hair String, and his shortsword which he used in countless battles has been replaced by the talking, black-blade known as Gideon. With his increase in material wealth has come an increase in overall power. His muscles now bulge from a “demigodly” strength imbued from a magical book of ageless wonders, and his stride can cause hordes of lesser beings to part like water before the bow of a galley.


Over 75 years old, the party has learned that Daven works for Ustlav. Count Ustlav. Who has been dead for 40 years. Daven’s age has been magically adjusted thanks to his loyalty to the Ustlav reign, making him appear to be a third of his actual age.

Daven was in the 12th division in the fight against the civil uprising that was lost, thanks to the dwarves. So Daven has some bad blood with dwarves.

He knows that Count Ustlav had some interactions with the Whispering Way (one of the reasons he tracked down this party) and is searching for information connecting the two. His former group, led by Mr. goody-two-shoes Sir Nero, was responsible for the Seasage Effigy falling into the wrong hands (reason number two that Daven tracked down this party of like minded individuals that are much more competent).

Daven spent his entire youth and middle aged years in the “enlisted” side of the military. He refused to accept certain promotions, not wanting the responsibility of the idiots entitled to such command. Unfortunately this has given Daven a sour look towards the officer positions held by military persons. Now that he holds a much more open role under his military assignment, Daven enjoys the luxuries that have always evaded him on the lower side of the command chain. Mainly Tea. His obsession is solely the result of decades of drinking broth and eating stews, while the officers sat in their tents and ate well cooked game animals and enjoyed brewed Teas. Not to mention the attention he gets from his newly gifted Golden Plate Mail. Ahh the power of status!!!

Update, Session 21: After fleeing the fateful performance of ‘The King in Yellow’ in Vogelbrucke, Daven was captured by the Whispering Way, who needed his blood as a final ingredient for their resurrection of Tar-Baphon. However, Adivion Adrissant wrecked the plans of the Whispering Way and stole away with Tar-Baphon’s phylactery, so it is unclear if Daven was sacrificed by the Whispering Way or if he escaped with his life. If he did escape, he (and Gideon) have been living off the radar for a number of years now.

Update, Session 39: The party encountered Daven — or shall we say Davinia? — on their way to Schloss Ustlav. We met with a silent warrior on a hellish, fire breathing horse on a bridge. The warrior said nothing but instead pulled out a black sword with glowing red runes. It’s Gideon, the blood-thirsty magic sword of doom! We dispensed of Daven and the horse and reclaimed Gideon.

In order for Daven to survive for years out of the clutches of the Whispering Way, he turned himself into Davinia with the Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity. The Whispering Way found shim regardless, zombified shim, and sent shim and Gideon to destroy us. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. But it is nice to have Gideon back, so yaay.

Daven Sulluven

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