Corben Elias


The son of the late Professor Jago Elias, Corben is one of the few sympathetic characters the party has met. He played host to the PC’s while they were in Ravenhill, allowing them to stay in the posh Elias estate. He seemed to be on more friendly terms with Sindra and Ohda, whilst Nabila and Izzy tolerated him simply because the terms of Professor Elias’ will made it clear the party would be due no inheritance money if they didn’t.

Young, naive, and now filthy rich thanks to a loaded inheritance, Corben traveled with the party to Schwarzwald, where he intended to relocate to an old family home from his mother’s side.

Update, Session 21: The Party does not know whether Corben is dead or alive after the elves decided to proclaim their superiority and mess stuff up, killing a lot of humans in the process. Nabila and Sindra should ask Philippe if he has any information regarding Corben because Sindra would like to know if he’s all right. (Ahem.)

Update, Session 24: Nabila scryed on Corben and found him alive and seemingly well, writing at a desk in a fancy home. He also has a flavor-saver mustache.

Update, Session 39: While Nabila was scrying on Tres, she saw Corben with Oleander, Tres, and Spud (!) in the Moonwood around bodies of slaughtered elves. Corben appears to be helping the Shadow Conjunction in their plan to assassinate King Turin.

Corben Elias

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