Captain Xavier Malgo


The big-boned half-orc who captained the Lady Lynn Rob. Once upon a time, Captain Malgo’s ship flew under the Jolly Roger, but a falling out with the pirate overlords on Barboza led Malgo to turn legitimate. His reputation as a former pirate meant that job offers were sometimes scant and led to the moniker ‘Dirty’ Malgo, because he and his crew often had to settle for the shittiest jobs on offer.

The Company of the Tattered Cloak first met Malgo in Amaranth, after the Esoteric Order of the Palantine Eye arranged for a ship to ferry the party across the seas to find the Gato Rojo and her captain, Montova the Red, who was rumored to be in possession of a fragment of the map that would lead to Salamanca’s treasure and the Cup of Santiago. As expected, Nabila the Tightwad rowed with the captain over the fees he and his men desired for both the voyage and their ‘danger pay’. Malgo offered a slight discount on a whim if Granick, a fellow “half-breed bastard” could beat him at arm wrestling, which Granick did. (Only just).

The party battled alongside Captain Malgo and his crew during a battle with a reef giant, which ultimately resulted in a harsh and brutal reprimand for Malgo’s first mate Mr. Monterray. (Which led Nabila to change her opinion on the captain). Malgo then led his ship into combat with another vessel, El Despiadado, which was also hunting down the Gato Rojo for the map fragment. Finally, the half-orc captain fought alongside the party when the fabled art of parley failed miserably and the crews of the Lady Lynn Rob and the Gato Rojo came to blows.

When Captain Malgo finally made port in Tonada with the party and it was time to settle up, there was another dispute over pay. After a brief back and forth, Malgo bluntly offered a very generous discount if Nabila, who had previously transferred her essence into the body of a comely elf, would sleep with him. There was an undercurrent of attraction between them, and the party would later discover from Mr. Monterray that Malgo had a certain lust for surface elf women. Nabila consented to the offer, though she had to convince a dismayed Kelvin that she had no intention of actually going through with the dirty deed.

Inside Malgo’s cabin, Nabila attempted to convince Malgo that she should tie him up, but he refused. Plan B involved using the Switch of the Unseelie to cast a Charm Person spell upon the captain. 10th level fighters tend to have decent saving throws though, and Captain Malgo was unaffected. Enraged that Nabila attempted to dupe him, the captain turned aggro on her and tried to cut her down, a feat he almost succeeded at when Nabila’s screams for help were misinterpreted on the deck of the Lady Lynn Rob as screams of a different nature. Nabila was forced into using the power of the Unholy Shroud of the First Prophetess to inflict the Godrot on Malgo. Thus the infamous half-orc seafarer came to his end, reduced to an unrecognizable puddle of stinking, primordial goo.

Captain Xavier Malgo

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