Brother Jalthor

Some may call me... Jalthor???


Brother Jalthor is a scruffy, booze loving creep who built a makeshift temple dedicated to the worship of Golgoroth in the sewers beneath Schwarzwald. He lives in the temple with two young beauties known as Zestia and Vythica (his ‘disciples’). They spend their days doing things that are probably too saucy to write here, in addition to kidnapping the occasional beggar to perform in mass orgies — the hope being that the ceremony will be large enough to summon forth a greater slime creature.

Jalthor has a loose mutual understanding with the party.

Update: Jalthor’s fate is unknown following the (presumed) ritual to summon forth a greater slime creature, which the party helped with by providing a score of male and female prostitutes for the orgy. The party left for the Iron Reaches shortly after and never had a chance to return to Schwarzwald, so they have no idea what the result of the ritual was.

Update, Session 37: Upon the party’s return from Sri Raji, they asked the god Golgoroth if Brother Jalthor is still alive. Golgoroth said yes and told the party that Jalthor was working with the Shadow Conjunction. Golgoroth did not mention the slime creature or the ritual that would have summoned it.

Brother Jalthor

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