Baron Don Miguel Castillo


The rather unsavory former ruler of Guadalante who had many crooked and underhanded dealings, bribery and links to a circle of slavers chief among them. He was also a practitioner of dark magic in secret for several decades.

He was a man obsessed with finding the treasure of Salamanca and spent many years searching for fragments of the map that would lead him to the riches. When word arrived that Montova the Red may have acquired a fragment, the baron commissioned a privateer ship, El Despiadado, to capture it. (This attack was ultimately thwarted by the party.)

After being ousted from power thanks to the efforts of the party (and the baroness), Baron Castillo took a small contingent of loyal men and followed the party direct to Salamanca’s treasure. The bandit lord Tuco and some of his men in turn followed the baron. It was revealed that Tuco and Baron Castillo had been feuding for so many years because the baron murdered Tuco’s sister.

Unfortunately for Baron Castillo, he didn’t anticipate Tuco and the Company of the Tattered Cloak adopting the ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ philosophy. The party joined forces with Tuco’s bandits and, though he managed to kill K thanks to his dark sorcery, he was slain in a group effort.

Baron Don Miguel Castillo

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