Aragog the Phase Spider
AC: 4
HP: 28
THAC0: 15
No. of Attacks: 1
Dmg: 1d6
Special: They have a unique ability to phase in and out of the Prime material plane. They phase in, attack, and phase out, all in a single round. This gives them a minus 3 modifier on initiative rolls; if a phase spider wins initiative by more than 4, it attacks and phases out before its opponent has a chance to strike back. Then too, a phase spider usually phases into existence behind its chosen victim, so they get a +4 modifier for attacking from from behind. Phase spiders flee to the Ethereal plane when outmatched; there, they gain only a minus 1 modifier to initiative and can be attacked every round, regardless of the initiative result. Phase spiders have Type F poison, and victims receive a minus 2 penalty on saving throws against it.
Type F poison — “save or die” poison
Telepathic communication; can see through each other’s eyes.


Aragog was Sindra’s faithful phase spider familiar. He was apparently killed during an epic battle with a djinn in the tower of Ignacious Voltain. However, the spider recently made a reappearance from the Ethereal Plane after the party dispatched a hive spider queen and a nest full of spiders and goblins. Using a device the Githzerai created to overthrow the yoke of the Mind Flayers, the phase spiders can communicate with others, thus Aragog was able to speak to Sindra properly for the first time. Unfortunately, he can never cross over to the Prime Material plane again, but he was able to gift Sindra with a strange blue crystal which should come in handy in a time of need…


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