Alejandra Montego


Armando Montego, before the switch.

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A suave, smooth talking swordsman of high renown. The party met Armando at Baron Castillo’s birthday ball, where he wasted no time in attempting to hit on Sindra. When the party later returned to Puerto Mia, Sindra found Armando at a cantina and recruited him with the promise of adventure and buttsecks threesomes.

Update, Session 37 When the party finished bumbling in the temple of Kali in Bahru in Sri Raji and prepared to fight Arijani, Armando loaded up on buffing spells like Cat’s Grace, which gave him a godly 20 DEX, Stoneskin, Karishma’s Bardsong, and Nabila’s Prayer, Chant, and Recitation spells. He was chosen to fire Ravana’s Bane right through the face of Arijani the Illusionist Demigod Man-Tiger. So even with a +9 bonus to hit, Armando missed. Twice.

Apparently the +9 bonus is in his pants.

Update, Session 39 After our party fights zombie Daven/Davinia with the help of Ser Bolton of Oxburgh, we loot Davinia’s body. Because the DM was teasing about a girdle of cloud giant strength, Armando put on the belt, which in actuality was a Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity. Armando turns into Alejandra, proving that sexuality is fluid. (Armando/Alejandra is probably the only party member that could get away with a sex change and it not matter.)

Armando and Jeb had some sort of Brokeback Forge Mountains thing going on, so upon seeing Armando as Alejandra, Jeb became aroused. In a sudden burst of personality for the mountain man, he propositioned Sindra for a threesome with him and Alejandra because she owed him or something like that. Sindra walked away in a jealous huff because Alejandra is now competition for Jeb’s affections.

Alejandra Montego

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