Return of the Tyrant

Session 47: All in the Name of Greed

Who is the Master and when can we kill him and grind his bones?

We find our adventurers still exploring the catacombs of Renchurch.

In one room we discover a metal box with a strange green glow emanating from it. In ancient runic language, a name is inscribed on the front of the box — Berezna. The box is possibly a lich phylactery containing the soul of Berezna, a powerful lady sorceress who was either a rival or a contemporary of Tar-Baphon’s. We take Berezna’s box with us because why not?

We dig through a series of catacombs, one swirling line after another of Haggar’s faithful who died in battle against the Tyrant. Ser Bolton is sufficiently humbled and spooked. Along the twisted path of tombs we find a room with a marble tomb beneath an iron grate. It’s an effigy of a foot soldier with a giant sword, rusted and notched hanging over the tomb. There’s an unconscious drow elf on the floor. Sindra recognizes it as Dipton and runs over to him to rouse him. He’s half starved and suffering from hypothermia. Dipton says their mother left him in the room to starve and die, that it’s fitting for his worthless ass to die in the tomb of a pitiful human. He says she’s been ranting and raving about bringing back Mayraena and Vlonisstra, their sisters. Mother Nhilonia wants to use the Hourglass Effigy to change the past. Dipton agrees to help us because Sindra has been so kind to him. Sindra frees him, and Jeb helps his “brother in law” get to his feet. Dipton is shocked that Sindra has gotten married, least of all to a human, least of all a human as hairy and rough as Jeb Trowbridge. Dipton reports to the party that Nhilonia and Father D-bag hope to deal with “The Master.” He has no more information other than that. We still have the Gray Friar to deal with as well.

The Master (may not be accurate representation)
The Master

In a series of creepy events, Vincente and “Young Karishma” have a chat. Spud is quite taken with her. Women in Guadalante prefer men with scars — the uglier they are the more virile they happen to be. But he knows nothing about the pleasures of the flesh (his Amulet of Truth goes off) but he thinks Karishma and Spud should get together since she’s now on her way to becoming Aegecian and Spud was hearty enough to survive the plague. They should have children! Because the children of their union could be strong and powerful. He tells Karishma to think about it, but she’s too creeped at Uncle Vinny to say much.

We return to a room that’s full of sealed urns. Haglagl is determined to see what’s inside of one. So she does. The urn is trapped with yellow mold that nearly kills her. Inside is a goopy substance like honey, which gnomes used to preserve cadavers. It’s a lost funeral rite, and the honey happens to act like potions of extra healing. Shazam!

The other urns are empty with the exception of one that has three large garnets in it worth 400gp each. Unfortunately Vincente thinks they’re worthless and tosses them in the nasty murky water pooled in the room. Sindra levitates them out, all in the name of greed. We probably won’t survive to see the cash out anyway, but SO WHAT?

We take a set of stairs downward that takes us into the deepest part of Renchurch. Karishma hears squishy noises, and when we open the door to find out what the noises are, it’s MAGGOTS. MAGGOTS. MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF MAGGOTS. Rising out of the maggots is a humanoid figure in colorful robes that Sindra recognizes. He recognizes her and immediately blames her, wild mage, for his current state of maggotry. Hello Siegfried Frey. Sorry about the Mage Tower. Sorry your dumb ass tried to double cross us and you got stuck in a Shadow Door. Assclown. MAGGOTS EVERYWHERE. But he dies just like all the others.

In the next room we find a huge ceremonial chamber with flickering black flames. Three giant statues of Tar-Baphon loom over pews and an altar. There’s a dark pit boiling with foul necrotic energy that Nabila would have loved if she’d been there. Three people stand before the altar. Well, one of them’s sitting. We meet the Gray Friar. We meet Sindra’s MILF-y mother. And there’s ole “Wheels” Isambard. They’re all threatening stuff, taunting, because that’s what evil people do. Nhilonia Everhafin teases Sindra the “slave girl,” and Sindra can come up with nothing to retort back that isn’t a playground insult.

Father Isambard pulls out the hourglass and threatens to use it. He rises from his wheelchair and says sacrificing the Cup of Santiago was soooo worth it. He picks on Deja Brandt as the “inferior sibling.” After they get bored of us, they disappear down a secret passage underneath the altar and leave the Gray Friar for us to deal with. So we do. Among the stuff on the altar we find a Lens of Speed Reading, which will probably come in useful if our spellcasters can share it.


six potions of extra healing
three garnets, 400gp each
Lens of Speed Reading



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